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Parents make passionate pleas on Wake student assignment

Posted January 19, 2011

— The topic of student assignment in Wake County schools brought out passionate debate among parents on Wednesday night. 

Most spoke out against assigning students to neighborhood schools. 

"Let me explain it to you and give you some enlightenment Mister Tedesco," parent Wanda Basden said to school board member John Tedesco, who has been a vocal fan of neighborhood schools. 

Tedesco said his motives are to help under-privileged students. One of his ideas is to turn Southeast Raleigh High School - the site of Wednesday's meeting - into a magnet zone where roughly half of the students would come from somewhere else. 

"Nobody was helping the kids in these communities for years. I am going to keep trying," Tedesco said. 

Marvin Pittman, who spoke at the hearing, commended Tedesco for his work on the Economically Disadvantaged Student Performance Task Force. 

The meeting was part of a series of five on the 2011-12 student assignment plan – the final phase of a three-year plan that was adopted in 2008.

Wake schools hearing Hearing held on Wake student assignment

According to figures provided by the school system’s growth and planning department, proposed changes to that plan could affect 2,625 elementary school students, 1,103 middle school students and 975 high school students.

No decisions on those recommendations are expected until after the public meetings.

Two other meetings on the reassignment plan are scheduled for Thursday at 6 p.m. at Garner Magnet High, at 2101 Spring Drive in Garner, and Jan. 24 at 6 p.m. at Cary High at 638 Walnut St. in Cary.


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  • DaddyDave Jan 21, 2011

    Hmmm, my last post appears to be blocked even though it doesn't seem to violate any of the rules. So let me try this another way:

    IDs should be checked to verify they are Wake County residents at the Wake County meeting. I heard some of the attendees from last night meeting saying they needed to get home and get some sleep, since they were not able to get sleep earlier this week. They said their home was Sanford, thats in Lee county not Wake. This meeting was for Wake residents.

    Why not coverage of the pro-board meeting last night WRAL? WTVD did a fair representation of it, I saw your camera there, what gives?

  • DaddyDave Jan 21, 2011

    I was at the Garner meeting last night. It seemed very pro the board. But I noticed the folks sitting around me were grumbling loudly especially against every African American speeking for the board.

    The Lady shown in the WTVD11 coverage from last night in the black hat speaking passionatly about ending busing, the crowd around me was extremely vocal, saying "You didn't say anything...Sit down..Just sit down" to her.

    I think they also should check IDs at the door, since the meeting is for Wake county residents, and perhaps media. Because there were some when the meeting was over talked about having to get home to Sanford (which is in Lee county, not in Wake) to get some sleep because they missed sleep earlier this week.

    I think everyone agrees that a graduating rate of minorities in the mid 50% is unacceptable. Busing is not helping, so why not try something new. More magnet schools attract a diverse crowd, and seemed to be the favorite from last nights meeting.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 21, 2011

    WRAL, where is your coverage from last night's meeting? Once again, it doesn't fit your agenda I see.

  • ncmike Jan 21, 2011

    Request for all those in favor of continued busing: Please state what the main problem you think busing is intended to fix (please don't use 'diversity' - that's not a root problem) and then say how you think its working so far based on the recent study. I bet we see few responses.

  • RMC10 Jan 21, 2011

    Can someone just tell me why WCPSS Traditional schedule schools have only had like 25 full days of school since Thanksgiving. No darned wonder our students get disconnected from the learning process. We just get on track with homework, schedules, tutoring - again on this coming Monday 24th - we're out for teachers workshop. Maybe WCPSS can find a bunch of money by reducing paid days off for teachers and educators. And keep our children on track in focus. Heard on talk radio yesterday that Korean children typically go to school from 7:00 - 10:30 at night. Actually two different schools each day. One for math science and social studies, then go to 2nd school for music, art and English. Too many breaks in a student's schedule causes lack of interest and a whatever attitude.

  • AuntySocial Jan 21, 2011

    The reason low income students as a group do not perform well is lack of parental involvement, not the economic diversity of the school. Children need parental involvement in their education. From making sure the homework/study is done to going to pta meetings, be involved or let someone else be the parent.

  • romex Jan 21, 2011

    why dont wral post what was said in garner last night where every one is for it

  • brjunc Jan 21, 2011

    could everyone realize that NONE of the other surrounding counties "bus for diversity"? so why is it a big deal, especially with WRAL?

  • Road-wearier Jan 20, 2011


    Buh bye...and be sure to stay out of Golo because that's supporting WRAL.

    AN\nd don't let the screen door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 20, 2011

    tell everyone who feels the way you do. there are many, many of us who support this board and john. as is evident from his overwhelming election!