Wake County Schools

Wake schools dispute gets national attention

Posted December 5, 2010

— The leader of the national NAACP added his voice Saturday to those opposed to change in the Wake County Public School System. The North Carolina NAACP has been vocal in opposition to a policy change that would assign students to schools across the county based on geography rather than the district's decade-old policy which sought to balance individual student bodies so that no one school had a disproportionate number of low-income students.

Rev. William Barber, president of the state organization, is among those who have disrupted meetings of the Wake County Board of Education and been arrested in protest of the board's policy change.

On Saturday, Barber was joined at the podium by Benjamin Jealous, president of the national NAACP.

"We're here because Wake County is of national significance," Jealous said. "We have no intention of losing the battle here in Wake County."

Jealous offered legal and financial resources to the North Carolina chapter in their fight.

The speakers capped a two-day organizational conference in Raleigh with an announcement of plans for a protest march in Raleigh Feb. 12.

Barber he would “legally, politically, in the streets and in the suites, fight for a constitutional, diverse, high-quality education.”

Jealous said Wake County, once the "North Star" for diversity in student assignment, now risks resegregation. 

Ron Margiotta, chairman of the school board, scoffs at the charge. “They’re (school board members) smart people. They know what they’re saying. And that (segregation) is not permitted by law, by court ruling.”

He said the old student assignment policy did nothing to help boost achievement for low-income students and court skirmishes and public protests don't help either.

Students and their parents pay the cost of the dispute, he said. "it's costing the taxpayers a lot of money in extremely tough budget times."


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  • mshood7 Dec 7, 2010

    It seems that many of these same' people keep powering up and want to disrupt rather than join in with the same goals for all our children. WE want them to learn so that they can become productive citizens and serve out a meaningful and purposeful life w/out GOVT taking care of their needs. This country was founded upon the principles of Patriots and Black Historians like BOOKER T WASHINGTON who knew the importance of education not based on RACE, but the freedom to join in and recive the best America has to offer. JOIN US NOW and let us move on with our children once again being the brightest and best to assume their leadership roles in the greatest country that offers opportunity and hope for all who will just reach out take it.

  • mshood7 Dec 7, 2010

    Rev. Barber it's about our children learning and not about you and your racist POLITICAL GROUP that still thinks fear and intimidation in the ONLY WAY. You have been misguided and are not stepping up to the plate to see that ALL our children get the education they deserve. It is about saving tax payers money on gas guzzling school buses that go from n'hood to n'hood just to practice SOCIAL ENGINEERING and that the Minority HAS ITS WAY! Join us and become INCLUDED instead of choosing to be IRRELEVANT AND distant to DEMOCRACY and our constitution that protects the rights of not only the minority but the MAJORITY is the will of the people to CHOOSE!

  • mshood7 Dec 7, 2010

    The Rev. Barber needs to sit in on a history class and learn that our constitution calls for the MAJORITY rules and that is the MINORITY can and should learn to play by the rules you might get some understanding of why you and your organzation continue to play and fan the flames of "racism' along with your white liberal following that lean to "organized socialism" FOR ALL instead of FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Parents are tired of basing their children's learning criteria built on racism rather than giving them the opportuntiy to learn and move with CHOICE instead of SOCIAL ENGINEERING LIKE SOME COMMUNIST THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! This is America. We should ALL want the very best educational resources for ALL our children NOT BASED UPON THE LIKES OF THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER HELD A JOB OUTSIDE OF COMMUNITY GRANTS AND SOCIAL ENGINEEING IN ORDER TO CAUSE DISRUPTION. It's time to take your seat and get on board and forget your GLORY DAYS of INTIMIDATION AND FEAR. The NAACP has become a racist tool for black

  • chevybelair57sd Dec 7, 2010

    If Barber and the rest of the NAACP were genuine, they'd raise money for black schlorships for the kids who understand you act responsibly and work toward your goals instead of saying We're more important than any budget, education be damned. what a bunch of hypocrites, they fit in with our present government.

  • fourcarolina Dec 7, 2010

    Barber he would “legally, politically, in the streets and in the suites, fight for a constitutional....

    If it don't fit, you must acquit... sound familiar...?

    Barber is a poet.. and didn't even know-it...

  • PickAnotherID Dec 6, 2010

    Did Barber ever appologize to the Duke lacrosse players for his comments about them 'back when'? I thought not. He needs to get his bible out an pay some attention to the verse about, "take the beam from your own eye before complaining about the mote in someone elses." Especially when the Wake County School board hasn't actually implemented anything yet.

  • newton11 Dec 6, 2010

    I am still looking for the WRAL reporters, or someone, to actually ask some probing questions of where the NAACP is getting it's facts. Show how the current busing environment has helped any groups of kids in a tangibly measured way. We've had countless articles on how messed up the process is, but no one is challenging the NAACP on its base argument and the facts.

    If the Wake County Board ever actually provides a documented plan, do the same to them.

    Where is any of the actual reporting from WRAL on such a hot topic. I feel like I'm reading a cut-paste-copy-rework-the-paragraph-job every coupe of days from people to lazy (or scared) to go out and do their jobs as investigative reporters.

  • com_mon_sents Dec 6, 2010

    Goalieman! you are absolutely correct! You sound like the kind of parents that I had. Granted, as a child, I thought they were crazy and "mean" ...LOL. But now that I am an adult, I am so glad they taught me those same values, because that's how you get what you want out of society. YOu go out and work hard and make not excuses and do not expect any hand outs either.

  • Goalieman Dec 6, 2010

    Community schools does NOT promote segregation! It is being put in place to help cut cost of busing! I live in a "Melting Pot" community so the schools would be filled with the same kids. There might be some areas that are predominately black and others that are predominately white, but you have that everywhere.

    I have 3 kids in school and I do not want to bus all of them to different areas because other people think they are not getting what the others have. Well, businesses do it all the time! It's a part of life so instead of complaining about it, teach your children, (like I do!), that if they want something in live, they have to go get it!

    I tell them whenever they complain about what someone else has, "The world owes the nothing and it will chew them up and spit them out. If they really want something, they have to learn to work for it and get it themselves!"

    Now, STOP complaining and be a PARENT!!!

  • luckyman7 Dec 6, 2010

    Still haven't had anyone respond as to how transporting students to area schools that they don't live is advantageous. Who, exactly, does "school integration" benefit? PLEASE, I need to know how this is a benefit to anyone.