Wake County Schools

Wake Board of Ed hears from superintendent candidates

Posted November 1, 2010

Wake County Public School System

— Members of the Superintendent Search Committee of the Wake County Board of Education met in closed session Monday to watch videotaped interviews with candidates for the open leadership position.

Representatives from the search firm Heidrick & Struggles were prepared to present four names for consideration on Oct. 14, but the committee asked them to wait and return with a list of five to 10 names.

Committee members Debra Goldman, Chris Malone, Deborah Prickett and Carolyn Morrison and Ron Margiotta, the board chairman, planned to talk about the compensation package they would offer a new leader for the state's largest school system.

Before watching the interviews, the committee members discussed the costs associated with doing criminal background checks on candidates. Anne Majestic, the board's legal counsel, pointed out that while having the checks performed by Heidrick & Struggles would cost extra, it keep the candidates' names a secret from schools staff. She promised to work up a cost comparison of the two avenues for the committee.

Superintendent Del Burns resigned effective June 30 after a dispute about the direction the board was taking the district. Burns accused some board members of "political partisan gamesmanship" when it comes to educating students.

Donna Hargens, the system's chief academic officer, is filling the role on an interim basis.


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  • superman Nov 2, 2010

    They dont need to check everyone. Just the one person that they plan to hire. Whey would you want to check anyone that you are not going to hire? The criminal background is not any kind of determination on who to hire. The background check just completes the application and makes a nice complete employment. That is unless they plan to hire someone if they only committed a couple crimes.

  • rand321 Nov 1, 2010

    I hope he is not applying either, but why the big secrets from teh board? so much for open government and letting the taxpayers and voters be part of the process.

  • superman Nov 1, 2010

    School assignments will never really be stable until the population stabilizes. Students will always have to be moved to fill the new schools they are building. The candicates just need to answer one question-- Can you follow orders and do as your are told? Simple answer-- Yes or No! Have the next candicate come in please.

  • Shamrock Nov 1, 2010

    "for all we know, tedesco is applying." rand

    Hope not. He belongs on the playground with all the other name calling children.

  • Shamrock Nov 1, 2010

    "for all we know, tedesco is applying." rand

  • rand321 Nov 1, 2010

    for all we know, tedesco is applying.

  • Mommyoftwo Nov 1, 2010

    Why are the candidates such a "secret"??? And why isn't the consulting fee that we as taxpayers are paying for, covered? Each background check would cost about $40 each...considering we can only have one Superintendent (unless this Board decides to change the rules for their favor again) they should eat the cost.

    What a joke just like all the other contracts WCPSS signs.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Nov 1, 2010

    "The board still favors community schools, "Waiting"

    Yeah, let me know when that works out for the kids in schools now that need to know where they are going year after next. This idea won't come to pass for at least another decade and all because of Debra Goldman and those who she now supports. Way to go Deb. The children don't have anymore time to wait. They've waited long enough.

  • chevybelair57sd Nov 1, 2010

    It figures that a school board that really tries to find ways to improve student performance while cutting fuel costs would be embroiled in so much contraversy. Shame that people who gain the spotlight while doing nothing for these students are allowed to profit from all this

  • Tawny Nov 1, 2010

    The board still favors community schools, "Waiting" - just not the direction that Tedesco favored - (zones).