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Wake schools to meet with accreditation team

Posted September 24, 2010

Wake County Public School System

— After a national organization that accredits high schools threatened to strip Wake County schools of accreditation, school district officials said Friday that they would comply with a review by the group.

Yet, the Wake County Board of Education remains skeptical about the scope of AdvancED's review.

AdvancED has asked for details about the district’s controversial proposal to move away from a decade-old policy of busing students for the purposes of diversity to adopt a student assignment policy based on community schools.

Ann Majestic, the legal counsel for the school district, asked in a Sept. 8 letter how the move is connected to accreditation, and AdvancED responded last week by calling the questioning an "openly defiant" stance toward the organization. Continued lack of cooperation would result in the loss of accreditation for area schools, AdvancED general counsel Kenneth Bergman wrote in a Sept. 17 letter.

If any of Wake County's 24 high schools were to lose their accreditation, it could reflect poorly on graduates who apply for higher education.

Accreditation helps ensure that a school is of high quality, which is an important consideration for students, college admissions officers and potential employers, school district officials said. It is also important in transferring credits from one school to another and it can be a means to access federal education funding, college scholarships and military programs that require students to come from accredited schools, they said.

The school board held a closed-door meeting on the flap on Thursday, and Majestic sent a letter Friday to AdvancED asking that a team of education experts from across the country visit Wake County in late November for an accreditation review.

"While reserving its objection to the scope of your inquiry, the board continues to hope for a collegial process and will provide the records you have requested," Majestic wrote.

The state chapter of the NAACP, which asked in March for a review of the district's accreditation in light of the changed student-assignment policy, issued a statement Friday saying that it fears the review has been "compromised" by the school board majority's "arrogance."


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  • soyousay Sep 24, 2010


    I GUesS NoT

  • soyousay Sep 24, 2010

    did..And the people that voted for the new school board are the racist. What is great about the system we have

    amazing that you have come around to that thinking, really it is

  • mtnmama Sep 24, 2010

    soyousay---the irony escapes me? Actally, no, it doesn't.

  • soyousay Sep 24, 2010

    brad..Accreditation is worthless

    its like this, we are nottaking about the HP or an actual hiring agency- we are taking about higher education, and being accepted into an accredited one...I think you can get a GED and join the HP

  • mtnmama Sep 24, 2010

    acc_blood: RIGHT ON!

  • acc_blood Sep 24, 2010

    The problem is organizations and parents that believe they are ENTITLED to their way.

    I don't know what's more amusing:
    A) NAACP trying to bully the school board with a re-review request
    B) AdvancED for agreeing to the review to avoid being bullied THEMSELVES
    C) That AdvancED gave an ILLEGAL reason for the review (an unimplemented change in assignment policy)
    D) When told of the questionable legality - by a lawyer - instead of finding a REAL reason, they just threatened to revoke accreditation for no reason
    E) None of this matters.
    At this point, AdvancED pulling accreditation of ANY Wake County school would be universally recognized as completely political - therefore it would have no bearing on admission decisions.

    The tragedy is the myth that perpetuates - that somehow, that "IB" next to your child's diploma actually means something -- IT DOESN'T!!!

  • kcirnev Sep 24, 2010

    If you know someone in Burke County, ask them what life has been like for the past several years. A new majority was voted in because of very light voter turnout. This new majority proceeded to destroy the integrity of the school system. The system's accreditation agency (same one, folks!) intervened on behalf of concern parents, the chamber of commerce, county commissioners, and others who were no longer considered as viable stakeholders in the eyes of this new board majority. The high schools were place on probation and continue to be today. Fortunately an election has since taken place and the current board is working feverously to repair the damage. Burke Co. had, and hopefully still has, a very solid public school system. Let me assure you that your child WILL NOT be accepted into a publicly-funded North Carolina university IF his/her high school loses its accreditation. Good luck.

  • carnival glass Sep 24, 2010

    "carni.. meant the actual residents of Wake County. You know, the people who have to live with these decisions.

    no you meantthe people who agree with you"

    Don't put words in my mouth. I meant what I said I meant.

  • jlh4jdj Sep 24, 2010

    Someone please give Barber and the NAACP the classes on Bullying that students have to go to. If a legally elected board made this choice by a legal vote then that is the rules. If the NAACP wants to change things then support other people in future elections. NAACP=KKK=Bullies who think they can make anyone do what they "think" is right just by force.

  • timbo 2.0 Sep 24, 2010

    "We must take back out schools from this oppressive, monopolistic, seemingly angry school board who wants to destroy the great system we have here in Wake County. "

    We already did. Re: the last election.