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Wake clergy hold prayer vigil on school assignment

Posted August 30, 2010

— Clergy members in Raleigh held a prayer vigil on Monday night in an effort to promote diversity in Wake County schools.

About 60 people attended the vigil at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church at 1801 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh.

The group said it was concerned by the Wake school board's decision to move away from its policy of assigning students to achieve socio-economic balance within the student body and toward one based on geographic zones.

"We continue this fight because it is a justice issue," said Rev. Nancy Petty, of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church.

Petty said the group was trying to stay organized in what they believe is a moral fight.

"We still have Wake County neighborhoods that are segregated, poor neighborhoods," Petty said.

Wake County clergy meet on school assignment Wake clergy hold vigil on school assignment

"I am very honored to get all the prayer we can get. We can certainly use it," Wake County school board member John Tedesco told WRAL News on Monday.

Tedesco, who is the leading proponent of the neighborhood-schools model, said the public will help design the new model through input online and in upcoming forums.

Tedesco added that he values diversity too.

"We are going to do everything we can to give a rich, rewarding, educational experience to each and every child in Wake County," he said.

Earlier Monday, nearly a dozen clergy members met at Martin Street Baptist Church in Raleigh to discuss the assignment policy. 

Petty and North Carolina NAACP President William Barber were among the attendees. Both have been arrested twice at Wake County school board meetings.

The NAACP has been an outspoken critic of the Wake school board's decision. Barber has said that legal action against the school system might be necessary.


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  • wildcat Sep 2, 2010

    shortz1994...........got your comment clearly. But if you ever become sick sick sick and have that urge, you can still pray and call on God/Jesus. They are there for you to. Praying for you and your family. You do have the right to believe in whatever you want to. You can believe in a "cow" if you think it will help you in any way. Believe!

  • shortz1994 Sep 2, 2010

    @wilcat,, keep your prayers to your self, i or my childern don't want them. we are a strong atheist family, so keep that were it belongs at you place or church. religion brings nothing but war an fammine in the name of your"god"..

  • jnc67 Sep 1, 2010

    Please leave the conversations about religion out of schools. If you would like to go to your church and pray for our schools, teachers, leaders, etc, by all means,do so. We can use all the prayers we can get. But someday Christians will not be the U.S. majority. When that happens, Christians will be thankful the government and its schools are a religion-free zone.

  • Remy Aug 31, 2010

    I am certainly not on one side or the other. However, if the BOARD wants more stories about their work, they will make the call. Obviously, they do not want more negative attention, so the only side left is the Rev. If he makes the call, then he is probably going to get a story about himself. If you don't like the story, skip it and keep on movin. Considering there are 120 comments here, the story must have something that keeps folks coming back. As long as that continues to happen, WRAL is going to keep running them.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Aug 31, 2010

    No slight to the Enquirer intended.

  • wildcat Aug 31, 2010

    WRAL is certainly not the National Enquirer. Where did you get that lame notion?

  • wildcat Aug 31, 2010

    OK, I agree this story has become very old. Now unless there is a new update on this story, it should not be here anywhere WRAL. Bring us an interesting story. After 2 days it should be removed. The board has made their decision so there is not much more that can be said.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Aug 31, 2010

    Newday: Let me see if I can make this simple.

    WRAL should not just run to cover Barber every time he calls. If they spent their time investigating and reporting all sides of a story fairly and without bias, they (and you) might discover there are two sides to every story, the world is not flat, etc. Until they reach some level of integrity, they are no better than the National Enquirer and should be digested as such.

    They feed you pablum and you swallow it.

  • wildcat Aug 31, 2010

    Back in the days when prayer was allowed in schools, remember there was no violence and problems like in todays schools. Prayer is needed in the homes, schools, work place, anywhere, everywhere even church whether you believe in prayer or not. There will come a time you will need prayer from somewhere.

  • Remy Aug 31, 2010

    "Because they answer the call! Duh."n the artist

    That does not even make sense. If you don't like the stories, then quit reading and move on. Duh.