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Visitors cast thousands of votes regarding Tata's ouster

Posted September 27, 2012

On Sept. 26, a day after the Wake County Board of Education fired Superintendent Tony Tata, WRAL News asked web visitors if they supported or opposed the 5-4 vote along party lines.

Through 24 hours, more than 14,000 online votes were cast. Of those, 64% were in agreement with the board; 35% opposed the action and 2% said they were unsure.

After seeing a large swing in the results, WRAL.com staff looked closely at the votes being cast and found evidence of some visitors trying to manipulate the results by circumventing single-vote safeguards in the survey software. Evidence showed attempts to affect both the vote supporting and opposing the board's decision. Because of this manipulation, voting on the question was closed.

Interactive polls on WRAL.com are not conducted in a scientific fashion. We make no guarantees about the accuracy of the results other than that they reflect the choices of the users who participated.


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  • Wes Elder Sep 28, 2012

    WRAL- I know that the goal of this online poll is to be fast and take a general sample of the public opinion. While the results are NOT scientific, the results are news and very important to the community. I for one am extremely happy that you ran this poll and that you reviewed the results before reporting. I would ask that you continue to monitor the impact of this transition to Wake students and taxpayers. Thank you for all you do!!!

  • mahtsutaki Sep 27, 2012

    All this partisonship is outrageous and is the wrong example for the 1000's of students. Adults and the Board should be setting an example of cooperation and what's best for the entire system.

    The example the Board has displayed on these matters is much too much devisive, judgemental and non-cooperative.

    Is this the best example our Board can show those developing minds? If so, we "the people" need to make changes as quickly as the next opening of the polls.

  • davidaterrell Sep 27, 2012

    Burns was a good Superintendent, but he quit when faced with political adversity. Tate stepped into an impossible situation and somehow managed to bring both sides together and avoid Wake County Schools from losing their accreditation. He certainly was the right man for the job. At least he was fired. He did not quit on the students, teachers, administrators and parents of Wake County. Is this what the residents of Wake County have to look forward to each time the political pendulum swings? Our children deserve better. Electing our School Board needs to be an open non-partisan election. We need to get politics out of the equation. Trish

  • mtnmama Sep 27, 2012

    Bogus. Clearly until late last night, it was 85% against the firing. What a juvenile move. No wonder the wrong folks keep winning elections.

  • beaupeep Sep 27, 2012

    Several thousand of those "yes" votes mysteriously appearing sometime after midnight. I had no idea there were so many insomniac parents.