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Knightdale parents say they don't share in Wake student achievement

Posted August 21, 2012
Updated August 22, 2012

Wake County Public School System

— While the Wake County school board cheered recent increases in student achievement at its meeting Tuesday evening, many Knightdale parents expressed concerns about their own children's education.

"I am so very disappointed in every one of you, for you have let my children down," said Robin Woodlief.

While the county as a whole saw steady academic gains at every grade level last school year, Woodlief said Knightdale has some of the lowest test scores in the county.

The average student proficiency score for elementary schools across Wake County is 82.1 percent. At Hodge Road Elementary School in Knightdale, that score is only 64.1 percent.

At Knightdale Elementary School, proficiency is at 69.7 percent.

Woodlief and Knightdale resident Jennifer Bryan said they are concerned about large class sizes and waning retention of talented teachers.

Hodge Road Elementary School Knightdale parents say they don't share in Wake student achievement

Bryan asked the school board to "show us that you care" by focusing more on Knightdale's schools. 

Superintendent Tony Tata acknowledged that the concerns about student achievement in Knightdale are valid.

"We do need to do more," he said. 

He pointed out that the district is already taking steps to bolster achievement in the town of about 12,000. Special grants were awarded to three Knightdale schools this year, a Junior ROTC program was launched at Knightdale High School and Forestville Road Elementary School ranks above the county average for student achievement.

Still, he said, there is room for improvement. 

"They want excellent schools and they deserve excellent schools," Tata said. "It's our job to provide them."

Woodlief said she's holding Tata to that mission.

"Hold someone accountable for fixing this problem, and do it now," she told the board. "You owe it to these kids."


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  • lowepg Aug 24, 2012

    If their parents cant speak English in the home, how can they help their children? Illegal immigration AGAIN is a leading culprit here.... stop ignoring the facts!

  • Fireflies Rock Aug 23, 2012

    excellend students and parents would be nice to go with the "excellent schools" that Knightdale should have

  • SnowyRdu Aug 23, 2012

    Wait - are these the same parents who complain that their kids have so much homework to do? No time for soccer because of the homework?

  • phoenix611 Aug 23, 2012

    They don't need help. They are well aware of what they are doing. Sabotaging the american dream for us that believe in it. Lake Myra is another school in knightdale that is most unacceptable. Investigate the principals and teachers backgrounds before you trust them with our most valuable resources

  • S82R Aug 22, 2012

    The issue at Knightdale High is leadership. The teachers are great and, as at any school, the students with involved parents do very well. The other issue there is the number of kids who don't care and who parents don't care enough to make them care. It's downright pathetic in a school of 1600+ when you have an open house and less than 200 parents bother to show up. KHS is stuck with the current admin and that is the issue with discipline in the school. Although the county telling them to basically stop suspending kids has plenty to do with that as well.

  • UNCRules123 Aug 22, 2012

    Wake County should consider bussing more affluent kids from Apex and Cary to Knightdale and even some areas in "iffy" North Raleigh/East Raleigh... I bet the test scores will go SKY high..come on.. its only fair... just spread the wealth I mean brains around, LOL.

  • UNCRules123 Aug 22, 2012

    The top 15 % ("of their classes") is a relative term. What are the classes ? Is the schedule packed full of "easy" electives or more AP/Honors level classes ? I'm just saying the to 15% of one school can be in the bottom half at a school with a lot of achievers. Translation : falsly prompted up. It happens at all schools - just more at some than at others...

  • bloodystinch Aug 22, 2012

    Knightdale should just let Johnston County annex it. Wake doesn't need it and they are an afterthought to Wake. I'm from a rural county myself and I think Knightdale can be louder in pushing whatever agenda it has - educational or otherwise - if they join another county.

  • Boycott_WRAL_Advertisers Aug 22, 2012

    sinenomine: "assimilate them into American society. They're already here, we can't send them away, so why not educate them?.. kids will frequently teach English to their parents which may allow an older generation to assimilate. At least some of them may then follow a legal path to citizenship or at least legal residency status."

    -- Why is it that when people break the law by violating the sanctity of the U.S. border it's considered a crime nothing can be done about? If someone did the same to an individual's home the individual would want the violator to be arrested and tried.

    But for some reason we can't arrest and jail/deport people who break into the country? Enter the country illegally and you a free education, food stamps, housing assistance, medical care, child care.. the works.

    -- No wonder people keep breaking in.. nothing but good things happen when they do.

  • gabi Aug 22, 2012

    @sjabrinkley: You should come take a look at Hodge Road. The teachers in this school, especially in the K-2 (which is where my kids are right now), are absolutely phenomenal. I have a BA in psych w/concentration on child development, and I speak from experience at being *in* this school 3-4 times a week. If you're putting in even minimal effort and showing interest, your child will do *very* well.