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Tata defends assignment plan, apologizes for computer glitch

Posted April 27, 2012
Updated May 1, 2012

— Wake County public schools Superintendent Tony Tata on Friday said he's confident that most parents were satisfied with the results of the second and final round of the student assignment process, the results of which were announced Thursday afternoon. 

Tata also apologized for a computer glitch that caused the student assignment website to be taken down for about three hours Thursday night, saying he didn't want the student assignment process to be criticized because of a software interface problem. Wake County Public School System Wake County schools coverage

"The implementation of the plan has satisfied most parents, and a computer glitch doesn't discount what has been a year of hard work," Tata said during his weekly update Friday. "This is hard business. We've got a great team working hard to implement this plan." 

Results of the final round of student assignments were available Thursday for parents who submitted an application in Choice-Selection Round Two on April 15, those who were still on a waiting list for their first choice and those who were still waiting for an assignment. 

Final assignment notification letters will be sent to all families by May 15, Tata said, before the school system opens a two-week window for people who want to appeal their school assignment or apply for a transfer. 

On Thursday, some parents expressed continued displeasure with how the student assignment plan has been executed. 

Josh Lippy wanted his 7-year-old to attend a year-round school near the family's home, but the assignment plan placed the child in a school about 5 miles away. 

"It's been a real nightmare for us in terms of getting what we want," Lippy said. 

Karen Meier recently moved her family to the Triangle from Michigan. They bought a home in Apex because it was near a good school, she said.

"We decided to locate here specifically for that reason," she said. Wake superintendent's weekly update Wake superintendent discusses student aassignment results

But, on Thursday, she learned that her child was not assigned to the school she wanted.

She told school board members at their Tuesday meeting that she regretted moving to the area.

"Had we been fully aware of the new choice school assignment program, I don't think we would have moved to Wake County," Meier said.

On Friday, Tata addressed the concern that the controversial assignment plan might keep new families from moving into Wake County, calling the assertion an "urban legend."  

"People can blame the school system if they want, but we're working as hard as we can," he said. "This is a community discussion; this isn't just a school system discussion. If we want to be able to handle the growth in Wake County, we've got to have some serious discussions about capacity, demand and where we're buying new land and building new schools."

Parents who have not yet logged in can still do so by using the same username and password they created to make their school choice online. Parents can also call 919-431-7333 for help or if they forgot that information.


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  • warbirdlover Apr 27, 2012

    At least when he was in the Army, if someone was complaining as much as these spoiler parents, he could transfer them to Antarctica or some other God forsaken place. I feel sorry for the man. He is doing the best with what he has.

  • computer trainer Apr 27, 2012

    Nice of him to apologize. When the WCPSS computers get as bad as ESC, then he really should start worrying.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Apr 27, 2012

    NC has succeeded in making Education the most convoluted in the USA or close to it.
    Laugh...They have a 50 page Teacher evaluation document that evaluates their every single move.
    Laugh....They test every single kid in every single grade on the exact same subjects..
    Laugh..They think that every single kid cares to differentiate and/or become scientist..
    Laugh...they think every single kid wants to do the exact same career.
    laugh...and keep Laughing because they are so out of touch with what these children really need...BUT...THE Politicians Get Noticed if the kids get GRAND BUBBLE SCORES ON A MILLION of DOLLARS WORTH OF PAPER TESTS....
    Who looks good????The Politicians..especially to all of the other politicians who do not know cr*p about education! Private Schools never looked so good!!

  • lbbaer Apr 27, 2012

    I would love to know more about how the children are assigned. I chose Sanderson HS for two of my children. We live 7/10 of a mile from the school. During the first proximity round they did not get in and were both number 1 on the wait list. I was confident that during the second round they would get in. Nope! They are both still number 1 on the wait list. I am really not understanding this new assignment plan. The words choice and proximity need to be removed from this new student assignment plan.....

  • StuckHere Apr 27, 2012

    Anything is better than what we had before!!!!

  • passport423 Apr 27, 2012

    "I have never seen such a large group of spoiled kids and spoiled parents in my life! I feel sorry for Tata and his staff. I am sure they are working double time and doing a good job, but some people are never satisfied!"

    Amen to that, jdupree!

  • poohpdoo2002 Apr 27, 2012

    Wow, these people are really detached from society. It sounds like their are under the impression that they are always supposed to get what they want. And then one of the people interviewed said that "it's been a real nightmare in terms of us getting what we want." Wow. Their child having to go to a school five miles away is a real nightmare? They think it can't get any worse than that?

  • Carymom88 Apr 27, 2012

    I am truly disappointed in this whole process. How is it that where we live my base school (middle school) is a year round and we had 2 choices for traditional. We wanted the traditional school, so we put down the 2 traditional schools as our choice and we didn't get either one. We are on a wait list with 118 kids ahead of us. When we called student assignment they told us her chance of getting into those schools are slim but we can put in transfer but it will be denied then I can appeal it to the board with a compelling reason why she should go there. So basically my daughter is being forced to go to year round and we have NO choice!!!! I liked the other system when we could choose between year round or traditional.....

  • jdupree Apr 27, 2012

    I have never seen such a large group of spoiled kids and spoiled parents in my life! I feel sorry for Tata and his staff. I am sure they are working double time and doing a good job, but some people are never satisfied!

  • makemyday Apr 27, 2012

    No matter what, you are not going to make every one happy. I just wish somebody would do a news story on people that are satisfied sith the system, instead of trying to cause conflict.