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Wake schools won't hold leadership academies at Peace

Posted April 12, 2012

Wake County Public School System

— Wake County schools Superintendent Tony Tata said Thursday that he is considering alternate locations for two single-gender early college leadership academies that were supposed to open at William Peace University in Raleigh this fall.

The decision comes two days after more than a dozen William Peace alumnae attended a school board meeting to discourage a Wake schools partnership with the university.

The Wake County school system released a statement Thursday evening, saying that they and the university "will continue to discuss in the future...to determine what is in the best interest of both organizations and their students."

The university, however, said in a statement Thursday that it made the decision to dissolve the partnership with Wake schools because of "the division and controversy on the Wake County Public School System board."

Tata sent a letter to parents with children enrolled in the Wake Leadership Academy on Wednesday to reaffirm his commitment to the leadership academies while the school board considers whether William Peace is the best fit for the programs.

William Peace University Wake schools, William Peace pull plug on leadership academy partnership

At Tuesday's school board meeting, William Peace alumnae cited inadequate facilities and resources to accommodate 300 high school students on campus, in addition to turmoil at the university over a recent restructuring that included a switch from an all-female to a co-ed student body.

Susan Murray, who has a child in the Wake County school system and another at William Peace, said Tuesday that "faculty and student morale is at an all-time low" at the university.

"You will not be welcome there," Murray said. "Everyone resents the fact that college students are being pushed aside for high school students."

In his letter, Tata reassured academy parents that, if the school board decides not to approve a final Memorandum of Agreement with William Peace at its April 24 meeting, "these excellent programs will continue as designed." Earlier this week in an interview he reiterated his support for a single-gender education option for parents and children.

Contingency plans are in place for the 2012-13 school year, he said. The Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy would be held at a modular space on Spring Forest Road and the Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy would take place at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind campus near downtown Raleigh.


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  • Kelondris Apr 13, 2012

    Actually this is a great program! The students had to submit essays to why they deserve to be in this program and when they graduate high school, they will also graduate with an associate degree. That is great!!

  • andreanicole686 Apr 13, 2012

    Seriously, can they do anything else to ruin and try to change Peace? There isn't enough space there. This idea was dumb in the first place.

  • RALEIGHNATIVE25 Apr 13, 2012

    OGE I am with you: morale is down in most places due to the economy. You alumnae are whining!! How did the leadership become the leadership?

  • melissamccurry Apr 13, 2012

    Well OGE I would imagine your 3 and 7 year ole have more tact than you as well.

    Peace Alumnae are not whining as you so eloquently put your snarky comment. They have invested time, money, and heart into an instituion they love. Unfortunately that institution has been hijacked by a leadership that chooses to lie at every turn. The people who spoke up about their opposition to this choice are not doing it to be petty. They are taking their time to fight something they believe is wrong for both sides. These are women who give back to our community every day.Something perhaps you should consider doing instead of taking second grade style shots at people you obviously don't know!

    I hope your 3 and 7 year old get better from you....

  • ccsmith1902 Apr 13, 2012

    OGE: If you didn't go to Peace and don't know that much about it, then don't comment. This is not about whining, it is about poor leadership and morale at Peace. Until they have a change of leadership there it is not going to improve.

  • OGE Apr 13, 2012

    Peace Alumnae have got to be the whiniest bunch I've ever seen...even more than my 3 and 7 year old.

  • LuvLivingInCary Apr 13, 2012

    I still think this is a good project for the right kid. Maybe they can make some changes and still salvage it.

  • southpaw Apr 12, 2012

    The school system should not be broken up into counties. Common sense indicates its too large. Each county should be broken up to individual school districts. Smaller units are easier to control and govern. The size and population of each county should be the determining factor on how many districts should be in one county.

  • Rocky2.0 Apr 12, 2012

    "Leadership Academy"? What? Sounds like a great waste of money. Teach math and English, not something nebulous and useless that can't be taught in the first place.

    This is why WCPSS needs to be broken up into smaller parts and 1/2 the administration let go.

  • leeandkaren24 Apr 12, 2012

    What are the alternate locations?