Wake County Schools

Accreditation review focus again for Wake schools

Posted November 29, 2011
Updated January 26, 2012

— Wake County's school superintendent said Tuesday that the school board has made a number of positive changes in how it operates after a national group threatened to revoke accreditation for the district's high schools.

Representatives from Atlanta-based AdvancED met Tuesday with Superintendent Tony Tata and current and newly elected school board members to follow up on a number of actions that the group recommended if the district didn't want to lose its accreditation.

"Much of this, we were already doing, and it was good to know that what they were asking us to do we were already doing, so we felt like we were on the right path," Tata said.

The team is scheduled to meet with community groups, including the NAACP, on Wednesday.

In March, AdvancED placed the school system on an "accredited warned" status for what it called a "lack of effective governance and leadership" as well as a "climate of uncertainty, suspicion and mistrust throughout the community."

Major policy changes, heated debate and fears over segregating schools sparked protests and arrests after a new board majority took control in 2009. A complaint filed by the state chapter of the NAACP prompted AdvancED to visit Wake County and review how the board conducts its business.

Last week, the school system released a progress report saying it has already addressed most of AdvancED's concerns by developing a new strategic plan for the system, switching to a choice-based student assignment plan and changing the way the board conducts business.

"They seem to think we have done a lot to remedy things that they were concerned about last time," board member Carolyn Morrison said. "They seemed pleased, so I'm pleased."

Tata said he expects a final report from AdvancED in about 30 days.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 5, 2011

    @westernwake1 asked, “Can you produce the criteria points from AdvancEd that requires racial or social economic balance in the schools to achieve certification?”

    Nope. But, it’s implied by their standards. www.advanc-ed.org/standards

    If Wake only cares about one group (E.g. smart, rich, white, etc.), it’s not going to get accredited. Or, do you think that they still should?

  • Deb1003 Nov 30, 2011

    bitsyfae1, exactly what I said, they work within a realm of payment. I'm sure the NAACP is paying them tons of money.

  • LBJ192 Nov 30, 2011

    I am so happy to see that the board is making progress. I guess it was obvious that the previous majority was out of control. Hopefully things will calm down now and we can make progress in helping children actually learn.

  • short Nov 30, 2011

    what a bunch of bull.

  • bitsyfae1 Nov 30, 2011

    Or, compare AdvancED, if you will, to the CKC for dog registering. They will register ANY dog of any off breed or cross breed (not recognized by the AKC) as long as...yes you guessed it...you PAY them! Its not worth the ink the paper is printed on.

  • bitsyfae1 Nov 30, 2011

    AdvancED is not any different for schools than JCHAHCO is for hospital systems. They are paid by the facility seeking their approval and like all consulting firms, it is their JOB to find faults, to recommend ways to fix them and then to hound them until its done. But, its also sad when some of the things asked to be done really aren't any more than tedious and insidious suggestions made up to make the company itself look like they are doing something. I say, stop paying these people and form a state/neighborhood based review board of common sense adults with children in the school system. (heh that may be more trouble! LOL)

  • livinggood2 Nov 30, 2011

    I hope the Schools of Wake go back to the way they were,the unfortunate and underprivileged Children do need to be held to the standards of the NAACP.They do not need to know that they can help themselves,instead they need to know they can depend on the Goverment to help them through life.We know if they learn how to help themselves they might become successful and become those millionaires.Thank you again NAACP for keeping the poor,poor so you can keep your job.

  • kmanc4s Nov 30, 2011

    Why doesn't AdvancED, the NAACP and the Wake Co. Board of Education say publicly that this accreditation review and the policies they want to enforce are about busing students for the purpose of desegregation on the basis of race and then let the Supreme court decide as they did in Charlotte? That's what this is all about anyway, not socio-economic diversity.

  • soulbrother4dems Nov 30, 2011

    Now that common sense has returned to the school board re-accreditation is a given.

  • Nancy Nov 30, 2011

    superman, you fail to realize that AdvancEd has their accreditation process written in such an obtuse manner that they can pull accreditation based on everything outside the classroom/physical setting any time they so choose.

    And as we have seen in WCPSS, all they needed to create havoc was a complaint filed by NAACP and off they go. We've also seen their same behavior toward other school systems for things that have nothing to do with the classroom, learning or progress of schools.

    Remember, they not only "accredit" individual schools, but sometimes school districts (not the schools).

    They can be whatever entity they choose, it's all in their loose language of what they control.

    You really ought to peruse their site.