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Wake schools candidate outraged by question about daughters

Posted September 27, 2011

— A Wake County Board of Education candidate says a liberal advocacy group has gone too far in contacting the school district to ask whether her daughters attend public or private schools.

Heather Losurdo, a registered Republican, is up against incumbent Kevin L. Hill, a Democrat, Eric Wayne Squires, a Republican, and Jennifer Mansfield, who is unaffiliated, for the District 3 seat.

She says a group called Progress North Carolina Action, which launched a website last week accusing Losurdo of hate speech, anti-public school views and tea party extremism, is crossing the line between her campaign and her personal life.

"There is a man out there asking private information about my daughters," Losurdo said. "It is very unsettling."

Heather Losurdo Heather Losurdo outraged by questions about daughters

Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress North Carolina Action, acknowledges calling the school district to inquire about Losurdo's daughters, but contends that the question is valid.

Brenner said it's important to know whether a candidate places their "school-aged children in the schools (they) want to make policy for." He called her "divisive and extreme."

Losurdo dismissed Brenner's explanation.

"I don't think that is anyone's business where my children attend school," she said.

Losurdo later said one of her daughters is in the Wake County public school system, but the other is not.

A student's name, grade, school, activities and sports information are available to the public through the school district. 


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  • eebrab Sep 29, 2011

    A person that sends his/her children to a private school should not be elected to the county school board. If they don't send their children to the public schools how can they support them? They don't seem to care about public schools if they cannot send their children to them.

  • archangel44369 Sep 29, 2011

    "Maybe we should just suspend this election like our Gov wants to do with congress and let Bev Hugo Chavez" Purdue help solve all our problems. After all, she really has some wonderful ideas about suspending the rule of law and the constitution."

    I know...she is such an embarassment and a imbecile to boot...
    Koodos for those who voted for her.

  • Zorg Sep 29, 2011

    ++++Zorg, did you check out the site? Do you have kids?

    Yes, I did check out the site and yes I do have kids.

  • djofraleigh Sep 28, 2011

    Thousands of people in this county do not send their children to public schools, and they do it because they think their children will be better served NOT in public schools.

    If this candidate thinks WCPSS could be better then let her work for that, so she could put her child in Wake schools.

  • samsuffy1 Sep 28, 2011

    If Helen Losurdo is a Wake County resident and pays taxes, part of which go to support the school system, then she has standing, regardless of where her children go to school.

  • unc70 Sep 28, 2011

    From the video embedded in this story, she refused to answer when asked directly; later told reporter 1 child pub, 1 priv. Think it a valid question, but there should be no such requirement for office.

    Those complaining about non-Wake residents being involved in WCPS issues without "standing" as outsiders need a strong reminder:

    In NC, public education is a State responsibility and is funded almost entirely by taxes collected statewide from ALL the people of NC collectively, then allocated to the counties based mostly on number of students.

    One large cost delegated/imposed on counties is to build and maintain the school buildings. Because in NC school boards can not tax and must depend on county commissioners to provide local funding, mostly from property taxes. Extreme population growth (e.g. Wake) puts incredible demands on all.

    If you believe claims that the public schools are failing, been destroyed, etc., you are wrong and need a refresher course on education since 1960.

  • LBJ192 Sep 28, 2011

    "Where does it say that or are you just another liar?" YouMakeItSoEasy

    That is pretty harsh don't ya think?

  • Shamrock Sep 28, 2011

    "If Losurdo's children don't attend public school, one is inclined to wonder what the motive is for serving on a public school board. "

    The story clearly states that one of her children does attend WCPS.

  • Shamrock Sep 28, 2011

    the Fab Four" needed someone who might look the part but can never be as loud and rude as Tedesco.

  • Kristen168 Sep 28, 2011

    If Losurdo's children don't attend public school, one is inclined to wonder what the motive is for serving on a public school board. I'm thinking it's supporting for-profit Charter schools which I don't think should exist. Add Losurdo to Tedesco, Margiotta, Tata....a lot of names ending in vowels! Only a teacher would observe that. I also wonder why the present school board members names aren't listed on the Wake County School system website? Is that private now unless it's election time?