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Raleigh parents take a walk in Wake assignment debate

Posted September 12, 2011
Updated September 13, 2011

— Parents in the Mordecai neighborhood of Raleigh who are concerned with the latest version of a student assignment plan for Wake County schools walked to a public feedback meeting at Broughton High Tuesday evening to show how close they live to the school.

The task force working on a plan for student assignment that filters all of Wake County's elementary students into middle and high schools close to home released an update to their plan on Monday after parents offered their feedback, Superintendent Tony Tata said. The latest version addresses many of parents' concerns, including prioritizing proximity and choice, he said.

But it also changed the Broughton feeder pattern, causing many parents who had counted on their children attending the high school to speak out at Tuesday's meeting.

The third draft of the plan sends Tannis Hillis' children to Southeast Raleigh High School.

"Broughton is right down here a mile or less," she said. "We want to know – what is the criteria?" 

Mordecai resident Dan Aber said the assignments could affect property values.

"A lot of people are moving into the neighborhood because they know of the schools and the current base schools are desirable," Aber said.

Raleigh parents hit the streets for student assignment Raleigh parents hit the streets for student assignment

Superintendent Tony Tata watched Hillis, Aber and about three dozen of their neighbors file into the meeting on foot.

"People want to go to school where they are vested and invested," he said. "I hear that."

Tata had good news for Mordecai families – they will be given two different assignment options and can choose to send their children to Broughton after all.

"It feels good," Hillis said. "It feels like we are being listened to."

She said she hopes the change will stick.

Tata plans to present a final plan to the Board of Education Oct. 4 after a series of parent feedback meetings.

The Broughton High meeting was the first, but parents will gather Wednesday at Sanderson High, 5500 Dixon Drive in Raleigh, and Thursday at East Wake High, 5101 Rolesville Road in Wendell. Both meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.

A final feedback meeting is scheduled Monday at Millbrook High School, 2201 Spring Forest Road in Raleigh.


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  • wakemom Sep 14, 2011

    welcome to my world Mordecai neighborhood! but i bet they will grant your wish!

  • rand321 Sep 14, 2011

    everyone needs to get over the entire assignment issue. It is doubtful that any assignment plan now will be adequate in 3 years, the schools your kids go to will be the same in 3 years, etc.

    There is too much growth in the county and too many new people coming to ensure that the neighborhood and demograhic profiles of the current nodes will remain the same in that time period. schools will be overcrowded or underutilized.

    It will take billions more to construct the schools necessary to keep kids in the same patterns for more than 3 to 5 years.

    The school board still does not have a long term strategic plan for the assignment and new school process to minimize new assignments every few years.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 14, 2011

    I would think that anyone would be all for saving money.

  • Mom2two Sep 14, 2011

    Everyone wants what they want, when they want it.

    And Garnerwolf1: That was a good one! Indeed, let them walk to school! After all, it is high school, and maybe they won't wreck their new SUVs, sports cars and BMWs.

  • aquamama Sep 14, 2011

    Thank you, Conn parents!

  • jen0826792 Sep 14, 2011

    "As far as the USDA ban on Wake County using their data, just goes to show how petty our government is. Taxpayers paid for that data, not the USDA. Give it up. - BubbaDuke"

    It's a federal rule, data collected for one purpose can't be misappropriated for another purpose that the data wasn't collected for.

    Just like IRS data can't be used to look for people selling illegal drugs or laundering money. IRS data can't only be used for purposes of paying Income Taxes.

    This is not true. There are many fields that use data collected for another purpose (this is called secondary data use). The reason they are not allowed to use the data is because there is controversy that the data is being used to determine race in order to make the schools more diverse. With SES and race being so closely related (read the literature), this is where the problem with using the data comes from.

  • Garnerwolf1 Sep 14, 2011

    whereisthedonkeyshow has brought up the real reason folks are against 'busing for diversity'. It's not about time or distance.

  • Garnerwolf1 Sep 14, 2011

    What happens when different people want different things? Everybody can't have it their own way - this ain't BK.

    And btw, since the Mordecai kids can walk, let's save some tax dollars and not run buses through there!

  • Outforjustice Sep 14, 2011

    Whereisthedonkeyshow said, "I wonder why there are so many hoodie kids going to Broughton... where do they come from?"

    What is a hoodie kid? I'm not familiar with the term.

  • whereisthedonkeyshow Sep 14, 2011

    I wonder why there are so many hoodie kids going to Broughton... where do they come from?