Wake County Schools

Wake school enrollment up 2.35 percent

Posted August 25, 2011

— Attendance in the state's largest school system jumped by 2.35 percent for the 2011-12 school year, according to numbers released by the Wake County Public School System.

As of Thursday, the first day of school for students on a traditional-calendar schedule, 146,657 students had enrolled in the district, 3,368 more than last year.

That figure will likely go up as more students enroll over the next few weeks. The official student enrollment number is counted on the 20th day of school.

The increase in students comes following deep budget cuts over the summer. Wake County and districts across the North Carolina shed millions in operating expenses so that lawmakers could balance the state budget.

Although it spared most teachers, there are fewer assistant principals, custodians and administrative workers.

The state budget also cut spending for textbooks and instructional supplies, and some districts, including Wake, decided to start charging students to take driver's education courses.

"Any time you have budget cuts, it's a challenge," Superintendent Tony Tata said. "What we did was focus on teachers and classrooms and protected those, and then also focused on innovative programs to make sure all schools were in high demand."

"We kept teacher-to-classroom ratios the same, and that was our first and foremost priority," he added, saying the district has actually added 82 teachers, so far, for the new school year.


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  • Shamrock Aug 29, 2011

    "How about if people with dependents would be required to pay extra taxes. Parents are responsible for their children--not the state. We should cut out "all" spending for education. Pay for your own mistakes. Why do you expect taxpayers who do not have children to support your family?"

    Simple minded at it's best. If you do not know the answers to these questions then all hope is lost.

  • Shamrock Aug 29, 2011

    "next year the budget, or lack of, will require 1000's of teachers to be dumped. we have to close our doors to newbies and we have to put a limit on how many kids you can have. period."
    Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas

    Doom and Gloom seems to be how you operate. You also said we would lose 1-2k teachers this year, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So now you are moving on to next year with the same doom and gloom. Maybe you should just sit back and see how things work out, then you wouldn't have to spend so much of your time thinking about worst case scenarios. If we had closed the doors to newbees a while back, you wouldn't have to even deal with this issue. Sorry, we failed you.

  • Plenty Coups Aug 29, 2011

    scarletindurham-"NEW GRAD nurses. Sheesh, clearly you do not read or purposely omit important facts"

    From new grad pay for nurses, to average nurse salary, and finally to top pay for nurses- Nurse pay greatly exceeds teacher pay at EVERY step of the way. Bureau of Labor statistics show this. "North clacky" claimed otherwise but has no proof.

    "Taking glucose levels does not make a nurse."
    Taking glucose levels certainly doesn't make a nurse but teachers do have to be able to do some nursing functions such as that and administering basic first aid. The point was to counter her wild claim that her job is harder. Until a person has done teaching as well as nursing, they can't really have a valid opinion as to which job is more demanding.

    "and you call yourself a teacher?"

    No, I don't.

  • scarletindurham Aug 29, 2011

    *not even require a high school diploma.

    Not sure why GOLO cut me off.

  • scarletindurham Aug 29, 2011

    nawth cakalacky-"Starting pay for new grad nurses has been dropped to about the same due to the saturation of graduates and lack of jobs,

    And you have actual evidence of this? The data doesn't support your claim. In fact Bureau of Labor statistics show avg. nurses salaries to be 67K. http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes291111.htm

    "and we actually work all 12 months out of the year"

    Lets see, go ahead and add $6K to a teacher's salary to make up for the 2 months off. It still takes 20 years to even hit 40K.

    "Not to mention most any kind of bedside nursing is more stressful than teaching."

    And you know this as you've been a teacher? Nowadays, teachers act as nurses in addition to teaching. They must check glucose levels and make sure students take meds etc.
    Plenty Coups

    NEW GRAD nurses. Sheesh, clearly you do not read or purposely omit important facts and you call yourself a teacher? Taking glucose levels does not make a nurse. CNAs can perform that task and that position does no

  • Nancy Aug 26, 2011

    Plenty, I'm not mistaken. I was with my sister (the one about to retire next year) and we went over her retirement scenario. Further, if NY state has now required a Masters, when she began teaching 30 yrs ago as well as my older sister who retired 2 yrs ago with 42 yrs of teaching - neither were required.

    My older sister got her Masters to increase her pay in her final years, better pension results, it was a calculated decision.

    They both taught in public schools, both in St.Lawrence County in northern NY state.

  • Plenty Coups Aug 26, 2011

    Nancy-Give them a call. I'm sure you're mistaken. Either that or their private school.

  • Nancy Aug 26, 2011

    plenty coup - I guess my sister taught 30 years in St Lawrence County illegally then, no masters degree whatsoever and will retire with full pension. Wonder how that happened ;) As did two of my cousins, one still teaching.

  • Plenty Coups Aug 26, 2011

    Nancy-Another source. Look at steps at how to get a professional teaching certiificate.:


  • Plenty Coups Aug 26, 2011

    Nancy- Another source that lists the Masters degree requirement. Go to "Teaching License requirements"