Shaw University president resigns after 11-month tenure

Posted August 9, 2011

— The first female president of Shaw University is leaving her position after less than a year at the helm of one of the oldest historically black colleges in the South, WRAL News learned Tuesday. 

The university called Irma McClaurin's resignation a "mutually agreed-upon decision," but declined to elaborate on the reason for her departure.

"This was a difficult decision by all parties, but we are in agreement that it is the best decision for all involved," the university said in a news release.

McClaurin took over the position in September from interim president Dorothy Cowser Yancy, the retired president of Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte.  Irma McClaurin Shaw president's resignation stuns campus  
Miss Shaw University Courtney Scott said she doesn't want McClaurin's departure to overshadow the positive things happening on campus.
"It's truly a great university," Scott said, "(It has given) people the chance, so they can graduate and have something that nobody in this world can take away from them, and that's knowledge." 
The university's fall semester is set to begin next week, nearly four months after a tornado ripped through the downtown Raleigh campus, destroying the Willie E. Gary Student Center, which housed the cafeteria and two dormitories. 
Most other buildings on campus suffered minor damages, prompting the university to end the spring semester two weeks early. The school reopened to students in May.
"Shaw University has seen many changes and experienced challenges in the last six months. And with change comes transitions," the university said.

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  • aetius476 Aug 10, 2011

    Boy, a lot of these small private colleges in our area are going through some difficult transitions recently. I guess the recession has taken an even heaveir toll on the private institutions than on the public ones.

    Too bad many of these old, historic colleges will probably fade into history over the next few years. Times change...

  • Strutter75 Aug 10, 2011

    i truly hope their insurance carrier asks for detailed reports of what work was done and at what cost to the university. i guarantee it will not match the numbers and scope of what was submitted to them.

  • parcman Aug 10, 2011

    yes, the auditors will run through all of the records and i bet $100 she left for some reason, like many do, right before the fire reins down.

  • Strutter75 Aug 10, 2011

    i know first hand about this woman's character. i witnessed how she handled the insurance claims and contractors after the tornado. she wanted to use this tragedy as a for profit scheme for the university.

  • nickncsu Aug 10, 2011

    "She would probably rather collect social governement income anyway. How much you want to bet she has a handicap parking pass?"

    Wow... "social governement income" eh? I'm embarrassed for you.

  • fabuliciousdiva Aug 10, 2011

    "She would probably rather collect social governement income anyway. How much you want to bet she has a handicap parking pass?

    Care to clarify Hater? What leads you to that idiotic assumption?

  • jbarron4950 Aug 10, 2011

    WOW! Sounds like she was doing the "obama" at Shaw. Trying to run the place into the ground. And what did she cost Shaw?

    It's hard to figure out why they let ignorant bufoons like you post comment. People like you are always part of the problem and never a part of the solution. If you're not spewing ignorance, you're preaching hate; which is ignorance. You probably can manage your own life, so what could you possibly know about tunning the country. You listen to ignorance and then repeat it without having a clue as to what you're even saying. How stupid is that?

  • Surrey Hills Aug 10, 2011

    The NC Office of the State Auditor needs to get to work. This has to be about money.

  • timbo10.0 Aug 10, 2011

    Hand in the cookie jar? There's more to this than meets the eye.

  • Hater like Darth Vader Aug 10, 2011

    She would probably rather collect social governement income anyway. How much you want to bet she has a handicap parking pass?