Board of Education offers alternative to extra school days

Posted June 24, 2011
Updated November 30, 2011

In a special meeting Friday, the State Board of Education unanimously approved an option allowing school systems to use the newly added five days on the academic calendar for core teacher training instead of class time. 

The General Assembly added the five days to the school year as part of the 2011-12 state budget. 

The waiver will allow systems to use all of the days as teacher workdays if needed. 

"This is an effort on our part to be sensitive to the positions the school districts find themselves in right now," State Board of Education chairman Bill Harrison said. 

The board also decided to consider other reasons or ways for schools to opt out, including a proposal by the Wake County Board of Education to extend the school day next year by 10 minutes. 

Instead of adding days, the district wanted to start classes five minutes earlier and end five minutes later each day to compensate.

Wake schools' chief business officer, David Neter, said the extra five days would cost the financially strapped school system more than $500,000 to operate buses. In addition, he said, it would mean that all four tracks of year-round schools would be in class on certain days of the school year.

Harrison said Wake schools' proposal seems reasonable. 

"What he would need to do would be to demonstrate to us how he's going to use those dollars to increase student achievement and I suspect we would grant the waiver," Harrison said. 

It was unclear Friday whether Wake schools would take the teacher workday option instead of creating longer school days. 

Harrison said he and others are in favor of a longer school year, and any exemptions will only be for 2011-12 because of the short notice.

"We'll probably be a little less flexible next year than we are this year," Harrison said. 

The State Board of Education asked school systems to submit waiver requests for anything beyond teacher training by July 7.


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  • BIlzac Jun 27, 2011

    It's amazing the amount of innacurate information, and sometimes flat out hyperbole, that unknowledgeable people are willing to spew about education.

    "Out practically every other week..."


    I wish just once one of these airbags would tell us exactly what line of work THEY are in, so we could share all our wonderful thoughts about THEIR job and how well they DO it...

  • Plenty Coups Jun 27, 2011

    "Funding has been cut, so don't cut the school year by adding even more "off" days."

    Students must receive 180 days per year of instruction. That hasn't been touched. What has been touched is the weeks of instruction wasted on remediating, testing, and retesting for EOG.

  • What_I_Think Jun 24, 2011

    Between early releases, holidays, and teacher workdays students are already out practically every other week. Funding has been cut, so don't cut the school year by adding even more "off" days.

  • superman Jun 24, 2011

    Adding days or time will not increase anyones pay. Those people will just have to work longer for the same amount of money. There will be no adjustment in a persons pay so it isnt wasting money. It is just getting more for your money.

  • corey3rd Jun 24, 2011

    how do you slash the budget and then demand another week of school? Does anyone in charge of the General Assembly have math skills?

  • shamrock72 Jun 24, 2011

    So now teachers work 5 more days or 1800 minutes with no pay raise.

  • fayncmike Jun 24, 2011

    Yeah, why waste more time improving our student's education? There are plenty of jobs for them in the fast food industry.

  • Mustange Jun 24, 2011

    They also didnt let thim know that a 2.5 cent tax on fuel takes effect July 1 that will add up to more fuel cost for buses. But where dead set on letting a one cent sales tax expire. More Days + fuel tax = dollars they dont have go figure.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 24, 2011

    The only thing a longer school year will accomplish is the wasting of more money and the theft of the Students and Teachers time.