Homeless family thanks Granville students for support

Posted May 9, 2011

— A homeless family traveled from Florida to Oxford so they could thank students at North Granville Middle School in person on Monday for their kindness and generosity.

Destiny Corfee and her family spent the day at the school, visiting with students and attending an ice cream party.

Destiny, 11, was one of the students in Orlando, Fla., featured on a "60 Minutes" segment two months ago about the growing number of U.S. children growing up in poverty. Her parents lost their jobs, and the family's home went into foreclosure, forcing them to live in a van in a Walmart parking lot for a few days.

Some North Granville Middle students who saw the segment wrote letters of encouragement to Destiny and raised enough money to provide her, her two brothers and her parents with Walmart gift cards.

"I wanted to tell her about the (things) I had to go through the same way she had to go through," eighth-grader Joseph Morris said. "I just wanted to make her feel happy."

Destiny said she reads the letters every night before she goes to bed because they give her strength.

"It meant so much to me," she said.

The Oxford students said hearing Destiny's story and seeing her courage to share the family's difficulties on national television inspired them.

Homesless family thanks Granville students for support Homesless family thanks Granville students for support

"I felt sad that people had to go through that," sixth-grader Destiney Lassiter said. "(I've learned) to be thankful for what I have."

When they heard that the Corfee family wanted to drive to Granville County to thank the students for their support, the students and family friends chipped in money to pay for their gas, and the school arranged for them to stay at a Raleigh hotel free of charge.

"Just saying thank you on the telephone didn't mean enough. We actually had to come and say thank you," an emotional David Corfee, Destiny's father, told the students. "So little can do so much. Just knowing that someone cares."

Corfee recently obtained a job as a landscaper, allowing the family to move into a mobile home. Still, Destiny is trying to persuade her parents to move to North Carolina because of the new bonds they have in Granville County.

"Hope is always there. Never lose hope on anything," she said.

"She's like one of my best friends now, and she's really cool," Destiney Lassiter said.


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  • lrdavidson May 11, 2011

    PLEASE don't take my comment negative in ANY way towards what the children did! What they did was GREAT and I am one of the ones that SUPPORTED the cause! YES I donated!
    BUT as far as the school system goes..well, I'm not supporting them! Not after they find ways to spend their money on things that DO NOT take care of our own kids!!
    Their are so many families that will be without child care because they have YET to inform them that their kids WILL NOT have school next year! (AFTER they had the parents ENROLL them!)
    This is going to HURT the families AND the CHILDREN!

    BUT what the children did at NGMS was AWESOME and am glad to say I SUPPORT THEM!

  • wa4dou May 10, 2011

    If poverty is virtually excape proof then it stands to reason that the root causes of poverty are so deeply entrenched that they are nearly impossible to overturn. The US govt. spent trillions over the past 45 years to do so and it was all money down a rat hole. It failed because it could not address the root causes, inside of people.

  • VoiceMatters May 10, 2011

    (cont) But the reality is otherwise: Poverty is virtually escape proof." --Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare, Empowering People (9th ed); Charles Zastrow

  • VoiceMatters May 10, 2011

    Me & my g/f have also lost our jobs and [also] had to use the Walmart parking lot as a place to sleep in our mini van. We went through some tough times just the two of us, especially when the weather was FREEZING cold. We used to wake up in the morning only to find the windows and doors were iced. I can't imagine an entire family in that situation. I'm glad someone saw their story and helped them! Good job students!

    Also, while in school I was asked to do a research paper on poverty. I was in shock & awe (and disgust) that the gov't is well aware about America's poverty problem and therefore eradication of poverty is not a positive outlook in the future anytime soon. Overall, I think that empowerment is the best solution here.

    "We like to think that we live in a land of equal opportunity and that upward mobility today is possible for all those who put forth the effort. But the reality is otherwise: Poverty is virtually escape proof." --Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare, Em

  • wa4dou May 10, 2011

    Poverty in America is generally several orders of magnitude above the poverty of the third world. Poverty in America occurs most frequently as a result of poor choices in deciding when and where to spend money, not saving, not preparing oneself for any sort of worst case scenarios, lack of motivation and ambition in acquiring and pursuing greater job skills, etc. Personal responsibility may not isolate us from every imaginable ill that can befall us but it can serve us well in many/most cases. Some of the "offended" here would do well to start thinking with their minds and not just "feeling".

  • h3ardita11b4 May 10, 2011

    just when i was starting to think you people in were decent, you start showing your true colors. thank you for not letting me down, folks!

  • mego May 10, 2011

    It amazes me at the ignorant comments that have been made up here. Instead of being proud of these children some of you want to point fingers. What these children did was an amazing act of kindness that shows that their parent's have been teaching them right. I know plenty of adults who could learn a thing or 2 from these children. I also understand why the family would want to thank the children in person. So quit complaining and just be happy that this is actually a good story and not another crime or murder story!

  • donewithecu May 9, 2011

    I am totally embarrassed to call the Triangle Home! The people posting ANY negative comment on these boards should be ashamed of yourself! Regardless it was not your money they were helping out with. Also, I love what these kids did, such a wonderful thing for a family that was struggling. Very uplifting to hear stories about this.

  • LWL May 9, 2011

    So sad that people try to find something negative to say about this amazing story. Without any knowledge they point fingers. WOW! PRE-K......and where the school found the money to "put this family up in a hotel in Raleigh" you are truely amusing! The hotel offered for the family to stay without cost. I am truely proud of all these kids for what they have done. The world is full of negative people but these kids have shown this family a positive outlook and GOD BLESS them for so!! You guys are a blessing!!! Thank you for your hard work! You will forever be appreciated for your kindness!!

  • kj90 May 9, 2011

    Excellent news story, it's uplifting. I'm glad to see that people still donate within this country.