Budget cuts cost dozens of Johnston school jobs

Posted April 27, 2011
Updated April 28, 2011

School Funding (Generic)

— Johnston County Schools might have to eliminate up to 170 jobs because of cuts to state education funding, Superintendent Ed Croom said Wednesday.

The Johnston County Board of Education isn't expected to vote on its 2011-12 budget until next week, but board members met behind closed doors Wednesday evening and decided to begin reducing headcount in anticipation of a cut to state funding.

The board voted to eliminate 123 positions: 74 teacher assistants, 29 certified positions, 11 support personnel and nine others.

Croom said when he when drew up his proposed budget, he expected the state contribution to be about 10 percent less, but it now appears state support will be reduced by about 13 percent.

The school district was able to tap about $2 million in federal money that Johnston County had set aside to save other teaching assistant jobs, Croom said. Still, all remaining teaching assistants would see a $1,900-a-year pay cut under the revised budget proposal.

"It's a very, very frustrating thing," Croom said. "This is going to have a tremendous impact on our school system (and) on school systems across the state."

The board could reinstate some of the positions if state funding comes through better than expected, Croom said.


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  • jospolla2 Apr 29, 2011

    I find it to be very interesting that this state could fund schools BEFORE the education lottery came to NC, But can't do it now WITH the Lottery or am I missing something?

  • JCParent Apr 28, 2011

    As a Johnston County parent of multiple school students, I feel very sad about the teacher's assistants being cut. However, it is true that these classrooms have been run with a lot more overhead than when I was coming through (I am also a NC public school product). Not only are there teacher's assistants, but also unpaid "classroom parents". Every week there seems to be another "event" that requires extra support of some kind. I think the system has grown to accommodate extra staffing. Blame Republicans if you must, but borrowing more money just to maintain an inefficient system is not a good answer. I'd say at least 15% of the stuff my kids are bringing home is wasted time (carrying around a stuffed animal, anyone?), so cut as necessary to meet budget, and don't let it get so bloated, moving forward. The county/state is growing so fast that there will be a legitimate need for the cut teachers soon (I know that is small consolation).

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 28, 2011

    Horray! I'm a Republican and say that Education is over-rated. Shut down these so-called "schools" and let everyone fend for themselves. We'd rather have our $100 in taxes back instead of "free" eduamacation for our babies.

    Besides, you just fill their heads with nonsense like science, math and history. Who needs that junk?!


  • too-obvious Apr 28, 2011

    we could use the books for more years, that might help. get rid of the after school rides. take out some sports, don;t reseed the football field. i could run the school system pretty good i think.

  • boneymaroney13 Apr 28, 2011

    Amen miketroll - the only teacher assistant I heard of was the sub when the teacher was out sick. AND!!!! Our teachers did their jobs - no teacher work days for them.

  • claudnc Apr 28, 2011

    Miketroll - From your response you have no clue as to what goes on in the school system do you? I can see positions at the main office, or even an administrator or two but folks who hands on with students need to stay put.

  • missjohnston04 Apr 28, 2011

    Cut some of the Administrative people in the main office that jobs have been made for and they would be able to save most of the TA's from being fired or losing salary. Why does the Super make almost $200,000 and they are firing teachers to make budget. Something's just not right there.

  • Qwerty27807 Apr 28, 2011

    How many of those people work in administration, and never get within arm's length of an actual child? (Thought so.)

  • dvdcts Apr 28, 2011

    How about the main office and the maintenance dept. I'm sure there are a few too many workers there. The teachers face the most cuts but make the least. How about 3-4 from the main office with fat salaries?

  • miketroll3572 Apr 28, 2011

    Get rid of all teacher assistants, didn't need them in old days so why should we pay for them now. If the teachers can't cut it, find another job!