Report calls for training for school resource officers

Posted February 3, 2011

— A report released Thursday calls for school resource officers in Wake County to have more training in working with children and youth.

Legal Aid North Carolina issued the 20-page report and describes the current practices for the officers as "misguided." 

The report calls for education leaders to rethink the way schools can be safe and nurturing. It recommends alternatives like community service and restitution for students undergoing suspensions and arrests. 

The advocates also believe arrests, delinquency and criminal charges against students who commit minor offenses in schools should be prohibited. 

School resource officers should undergo intensive, mandatory training, and their use of guns, Tasers and pepper spray on campus should be strictly limited, according to the report.


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  • bigbadbill Feb 8, 2011

    Hilarious. So much effort to define a relationship between law enforcement activities and a "caring, nurturing" school environment. The liberals painted themselves into a corner when they took away corporal punishment and replaced it with empty threats. Now they must legislate how resource officers (police) will meet out discipline. I suppose in their minds it's all part of building that perfect Utopia they envision.

  • thepeopleschamp Feb 4, 2011

    WRAL, thanks for printing this article. Before I read this report, I did not know so many lies could be printed in 20 pages. The 2nd year law student (bless his heart), and professors who put their name on this, sure do know a lot about a job none of them have never done.