Wake parents launch campaign to help needy students

Posted January 1, 2011

— Concerned Wake County parents are launching a grassroots campaign to help needy children. 

Bob Winstead, founder of Raleigh non-profit Generous Community, is launching the Save Our Schools campaign, which is spreading by word of mouth and social networking sites like Facebook.

"We don't have all the answers. We know we can't help everybody, but let's come together and come up with ideas to help as many (kids) as we can," Winstead said.

Bob Winstead Wake parents launch campaign to help needy students

He said there are many children in Wake schools who are homeless, hungry or unable to afford the supplies they need to learn.

The group is raising money and recruiting student mentors to help these children.

Wake schools are facing controversy over a proposed student assignment plan and an estimated $70 to $100 million budget shortfall in the 2011-12 school year. 


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  • simplemind2 Jan 6, 2011

    I agree with superman's statement - "A direct donation to the school or the PTA would be far better or to your childs teacher." Nowadays anyone can launch campaign with seemed "noble causes" until if one cares to dig deeper then one might find that some organization's founder(s) maybe have a secret motive - e.g. he/she might owe some Government Agency money/taxes. Sooooo a lesson learned is if you really care to donate then give DIRECTLY to the recipients and bypass all the "middle men/organizations". We already have too many charity organizations in place.

  • bwinstead Jan 3, 2011

    "Superman"- Thank you for your input. This effort has been established by concerned citizens with a passion for children. Our goal is not to point blame at any group, organization or political party nor are we attempting to repair the system. Instead our focus is to have a positive impact on as many children as possible. As a result of the Save Our Schools campaign, any donation or service rendered, in its entirety, will go directly to the school and/or child of the donor’s choice. Ultimately, we would like to encourage the communities in a 3-5 mile radius of every school to “Adopt a School” and operate and manage their own initiatives. Our organization is simply there to provide support, infrastructure, and motivation. We welcome you or anyone you know to take part in our discussions and plans of execution to Save Our Schools and enhance the lives of children.

  • superman Jan 3, 2011

    Lets take a look at the budget shortfall. The board lost a 30 million dollar federal grant. In addition they threw away 3 million when they changed the location of the new high school. So about 50% of the 70 million shortfall is the direct result of actions by the current school board. The report didnt mention whether he is getting paid for this or if he is doing it on his own free time out of the goodness of his heart. It would be foolish to donate to the group if they are getting paid from the donations. A direct donation to the school or the PTA would be far better or to your childs teacher. Seems there are people on every street corner who want money and we have no idea just how much really ends up where it is intended. We seem to be on everyones wish list-- we get calls almost every day from some organization or group that wants money.