State cuts pull child care money from parents

Posted December 19, 2010
Updated December 21, 2010

Parents who use the state's early childhood education scholarship programs face tough decisions after funding for the program ran out Friday.

Kathryn Mason paid for her 2-year-old son Christopher to attend a child care academy in Durham with a Smart Start scholarship.

"Now he knows his colors, his shapes, his words," she said.

Mason was thrilled with her son's progress, but like many parents, she must now choose whether she can afford to keep him in child care.

Investing in early child care is important to development, said Sue Russell, president of the Child Care Services Association in Durham. She said 250 children in Durham will be affected by the cuts.

"A few of the families say, 'I can't do it. I am going to quit working,'" Russell said.

She added that the cuts will affect more than early child development. Parents that can't work may wind up on government assistance, and child care centers may struggle to stay in business, she said.

"It is sad, but it is unfair too," Russell said.

Russell is looking for investors to help struggling families put their children back in child care.

"Some kids get it and some kids don't and it is all about the money," she said.

So far, Russell has raised about $10,000, enough to keep 13 children in child care programs.


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  • usaray Dec 21, 2010

    Raise you own kids and take time to make sure they do thier school work. It's not up to the government and my tax dollars to raise your Illegitimate kids because you are to lazy to be involved. Get rid of all the present and past governers school programs which are useless money hogs. Free day care for the allway pregnant freeloaders. The have kids to get a check. And i didnt even mention the illegals.

    oh bye the way MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ;-)

  • Watcher Of Things Dec 21, 2010

    simplemind2 - What you are doing is great - but some people don't have parents (or family) to turn to.

    my 12 year old never in his life had living grandparents from either side!

  • Watcher Of Things Dec 21, 2010

    Pull Child Care = Not Able To Get To Work = More Food Stamps, Welfare Checks, and Medical Cards

    GRAND TOTAL = More Expensive To Tax Payer!

  • mad_dash Dec 21, 2010

    How about.. if you cant afford children.. DONT HAVE ANY!!!!

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Dec 21, 2010

    Daycare is expensive because it's highly regulated. The more the government controls business, the less affordable it becomes. The same goes for elderly care. The only place a business can control expenses is in payroll, which usually means you get underqualified, unmotivated employees. The rash of abuse and neglect in both daycares and retirement homes is evidence that it's about money...or the lack thereof.

  • josep4567 Dec 21, 2010

    Don't have too many kids even if you erroneosly believe you can afford them. We can't!

  • simplemind2 Dec 20, 2010

    I recently retired from the same company which I worked for more than 25 years. Since my number one son and his better-half both work, so when they gave me my First Grand-Daughter - I told them I'm willing to babysit First GD whenever they seem fit and it worked out that I babysitted her 5 days a week and she's now 2 years old and now she knows her colors, her shapes, her words and all these works for free - I didn't apply any scholarship from the state or did I charge my GD's parents anything. Yet I told my friends that this babysitting job is the best job that I ever had.

  • Caveman93 Dec 20, 2010

    I believe Gunny Highway said it best in "Heartbreak Ridge"..."Improvise, adapt, overcome."

  • Caveman93 Dec 20, 2010

    Ask Obama to help. He's got pleanty o Bennie bucks! Ask JP Morgan Chase about that!

  • Caveman93 Dec 20, 2010

    Don't have kids you cannot afford. Simple.