Wake schools seeks public’s budget advice

Posted December 9, 2010

— The Wake County Public School System is seeking public input online about the 2011-12 fiscal year budget, district administrators said Thursday.

The school system says it is expecting a $70 million to $100 million budget shortfall due to a lack of county, state and federal funding.

The district expects an additional 4,100 students either enrolled in schools or attending local charter schools, and the school system will open two new schools.

“As in the previous two years, WCPSS must do more – serve more students, and do so more effectively – with less money,” spokesman Bill Poston said in a news release.

Budget suggestions can be made on the school system’s website.


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  • whatelseisnew Dec 10, 2010

    School board: report to ice the presence of all illegal children, get them out of the classroom. Lobby the State Legislature to remove the cap on Charter schools. Lobby the State Legislature to shift to vouchers for students to attend private schools. Halt any and all building of new schools. Sell any property that does not already have a school in operation. These things will reduce the number of students, schools, teachers, buses and so on. either do these things or contend with an ever shrinking pool of money.

  • sixnitepkg Dec 10, 2010

    easiest cut - no more friday night football - tax payers should pay for EDUCATION. That money would be FAR more wisely spent to benefit EVERY student rather than to promote a very FEW athletes to college level. if the program can support itself 100% then it can continue (every local HS band charges parents a fee to be self supporting, why can't football?)
    next goes ESL and free/reduced luches for children of illegal (criminal) immigrants (they (the parents) don't pay taxes why should they get taxpayer supported food? feel sorry for the kids, but something's gotta go.
    3rd - cut the pay and stupid positions on Wake Forest road... do we really need SIX asst. directors? NO
    4th - more efficient buses and encourage bus ridership - set up ezpass tolls at carpool lanes, charge $1.50 per trip(that way you gotta pay even if your kid "misses the bus" - parents will eventually take it out of kids' hides if they miss too much)

  • Sea Chell Dec 10, 2010

    In my neighborhood, there are just as many...Knightdale high, Wake Forest Rolesville High, Sandford Crk elementary, and Heritage Middle! REally...two diff High Schools with about 200 homes...

  • lauragustafson Dec 10, 2010

    How about the TOP government people like the governer and such take a pay cut to help out witht he budget?

    Everyone switch to year round schools. I have at least 10 -15 busses in my neighborhood for different schools. Tradational and year round, Wakefeild and Hertage. Waste of so much gas!!

  • miketroll3572 Dec 10, 2010

    Its a big crud sandwich and everybody is going to have to take a bite.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Dec 10, 2010

    "Neighborhood schools would save a lot of money."

    Yeah, but a handful of loud mouths don't want it and we now have one defecting school board member, so not going to happen.

  • ncguy Dec 10, 2010


    Get rid of all esl classes. No other country in the world does this.

    Increase the free and reduced lunch amount to half of the cost.
    right now it's $2.40 for lunch and the reduced amount is only 40 cents. the kids that are on this bring money everyday for junk food why can't they pay a measly $2.40 for lunch?

    Neighborhood schools would save a lot of money.

    I had to take a 25 percent pay cut last year. Anyone making over 60K should have to take the same cut as we in the private sector did.

    Renegotiate healthcare for the same coverage at a reduced rate.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Dec 10, 2010

    Big waste of time. You can voice your wonderful opinions all you like, but this dysfunctional board can't agree on what time it is, much less on how many teaching positions they'll have to cut. By this time next year, after the NAACP lawsuits and investigations, The Accred bunch, over 100 million to be cut and probably much more, after losing a big chunk of our teachers, after class sizes double, after you start paying to play sports, eat off campus, ride the bus, this school system will be completely cooked.

  • mdscgardner Dec 10, 2010

    They (WCPSS) know the answer to this question. Problem is who wants to be the bad guy with the budget axe. Every suggestion below is right and makes sense, but the WCPSS and board with be held to blame. No one wants to hear the masses moan.

  • NoObamaCare Dec 10, 2010

    The largest school system in the state wants the public's advice on a budget when we are scraping by with what little we have?! Better figure out other methods of getting out of this mess...we the public have to with our own budgets and short comings!