More N.C. students passing end-of-course tests

Posted October 28, 2010
Updated October 29, 2010

— More students are passing end-of-course tests in North Carolina, according to data released Thursday by the state Department of Public Instruction.

The data from the 2009-10 school year showed that overall numbers were up 9.3 percentage points from the previous school year, with 80.7 percent passing.

The number of economically disadvantaged students passing also is on the rise, up 12.9 percentage points to nearly 70.9 percent.

In Wake County, there was an overall increase of 5.3 percentage points, with an overall 79.9 percent of students passing end-of-course tests. The biggest gains were made by economically disadvantaged students, with the number increasing 10.1 percentage points to 68.6 percent.

Some Wake County Board of Education members credit the use of professional learning teams, in which educators spend time sharing strategies with one another.

There’s also been a push to put more students in advanced courses, board members said.


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  • Plenty Coups Oct 29, 2010

    They are being taught to the test because its there. They do waste too much time (including the last month and a half of school over it, as well as "quarterly practice tests".)The testing started from a conservative movement for "more accountability". If we ended the high stakes aspect of this test, it would stop so much time from being wasted preparing and remediating for this test.

  • lorie1965 Oct 29, 2010

    The reason is they are being taught nothing but the test ALL year long.

  • anneonymousone Oct 29, 2010

    GALNC, the schools get the actual tests just before the EOCs are taken, and they are kept under tight security. There may be practice tests, and there may be older tests that have been released for use, but the actual EOC is not legally available beforehand.

    As a teacher, I detest that my students' learning and my success as a teacher are measured by so many others based only on a grade from one test, which is often written badly.

    Clayt85 wrote, "If we had nationally standardized education system, we would actually have meaningful data from year to year." That's true, but we would be preparing students even more to be automatons, not autonomous individuals capable of creative thought and solving problems. There are some places in the U.S. where there are scripted lesson plans that all teachers must follow, turning teachers into the automatons their students will soon become.

  • clayt85 Oct 29, 2010

    Sounds like the tests need to be harder :-) Actually, if we had nationally standardized education system, we would actually have meaningful data from year to year.

  • showsomelove Oct 29, 2010

    Rev. RB it does not mean just because you are a parent out of work or stay at home your child may be doing better. Nor do it mean those parents are giving them all that they need or volunteering because they are out of work. I whom happen to be married, work full time, back in school, with two children making sure that my assignments as well as two children's assignments are complete! So lets not try and give the credit to parents who may be out of work or stay at home.

  • crazywater Oct 29, 2010

    GALNC - You beat me to it. They go over and over the EOG for weeks prior to the actual test. They might as well let the kids take the test home.

  • Kayelle Oct 29, 2010

    But... what are they learning?

  • GALNC Oct 29, 2010

    Well, when you do pre-tests using the actual tests for several weeks like some of the schools can get better results when you take the actual test. My son was at a Blue Ribbon school where teaching was stopped to prepare for EOG's.

  • johnstonredneck Oct 29, 2010

    Are they actuating passing or are they being passed?

    Our education system is notorious for dummying down the systemm so that no child is left behind.

  • Adelinthe Oct 28, 2010

    Well that's good news, if it's true.

    Is it because out-of-work parents are helping more with their children???

    I wonder.

    God bless.