Groups rally for affordable education

Posted October 7, 2010

— A consortium of activist groups gathered in downtown Raleigh Thursday afternoon to mark the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education.

The groups, which included student Democratic organizations from North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina, listed among their goals an end to tuition hikes within the UNC system and affordable access to higher education for all students.

Raleigh march focuses on education Raleigh march focuses on education


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  • nighthunter Oct 7, 2010

    Well, lets see- we could quit heating and cooling the dorm rooms and put electricity on a timer that has it off during daylight. Stop all activities on campus that are not directly course related, including banning sororities, fraternities, and sports. Decrease housekeeping staff and require all students to clean the buildings. Decrease the staff and faculty's pay and benefits -oh, wait, they're already doing that!
    Lowering costs requires doing away with something that was being paid for. What are you willing to give up?

  • tommys5 Oct 7, 2010

    They must have missed the bus this past weekend to be with the rest of the radicals at the Washington socialist 10-02-10 rally.Most of the radical speakers there were crying about how much in student loans they had rang up being career student.

  • mep Oct 7, 2010

    So where in the Constitution does it say EVERYONE must be able to afford a college education? And when is it EVER a good idea to continue spending and spending even more when tax revenues that are suppose to pay for that spending are down? Time to make cuts and raise prices.... deal with it!

  • Bree Oct 7, 2010

    I can’t tell you how annoyed I am at “the entitlement generation”. Entitled to free healthcare, entitled to welfare, entitled to free college…I am sick of paying everyone’s way…here’s a thought…get a job…work your way through college or get a student loan and pay it back. The system, rather the taxpayers (those of us who have worked our rear ends off to make our lives better) don’t OWE YOU ANYTHING!!!

  • usnret Oct 7, 2010

    We need to get rid of the "edifice complex". We don't need the grand palaces that are being constructed for school. Look at the private schools for their solutions. Use simple construction or use existing buildings that are standing vacant. The millions saved could be used for teacher improvement and longer school days and terms. Maybe we could catch up to the 36 countries in the world that have better education systems.

  • Duke _Nukem Oct 7, 2010

    National Day of Action to Defend Public Education. Or should it be National Day of Action to Defend Public Reverse Discrimation. And of course the democrats are behind it. Anything for a minority vote.

  • BigfootBeliever Oct 7, 2010

    So basically they want more reverse discrimination in college admissions and continued unfair awarding of scholarships based on skin color instead of academic ability. Trust me, it is a huge problem, I have seen it with my own eyes.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 7, 2010

    I tried this at Walmart. They wouldn't drop the flatscreen prices. Doesn't work.

  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 7, 2010

    If they really want to solve the problem they would need to advocate for ousting the liberals democrats which run the system who spend like drunken sailors.

  • signothefish Oct 7, 2010

    "...and affordable access to higher education for all students."

    Because, dadgummit, I have a right to higher edumacation.

    Who, exactly, will pick up the tab for this "affordable access", pray tell?