Harrison re-elected chairman of State Board of Education

Posted September 2, 2010

— Bill Harrison was unanimously re-elected chairman by State Board of Education members at Thursday morning’s meeting, state school officials announced. 

Board members also unanimously re-elected Wayne McDevitt as vice-chairman.

Gov. Bev Perdue appointed Harrison to the State Board of Education in March 2009 as a member-at-large. He was immediately elected chairman by fellow board members to fill the role vacated by former state Sen. Howard Lee, who was appointed executive director of the North Carolina Education Cabinet.

A native of Pennsylvania, Harrison has served North Carolina public schools throughout his career as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal and teacher. He also is an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University. His term on the board expires March 31, 2011.

McDevitt was appointed to the State Board of Education in 2001 to represent the 8th Education District. He has served North Carolina throughout his career, including service as senior VP for University Affairs for the UNC System, as chief of staff for former Gov. Jim Hunt, and on the state's executive cabinet as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. His term expires March 31, 2017.

Both Harrison and McDevitt will serve a two-year term in their positions.


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  • lkanzig Sep 6, 2010

    gee must be nice to basically do nothing and get paid big bucks.who says being friends with crooked politicians dosnt pay?

  • Nothing New Sep 3, 2010

    Reelected by whom, Queeny Bev??????, but not by the people of NC, we were never even allowed to determine if this position is necessary, Queeny Bev made that decision for us, the taxpayers who dont know whats best for us, but ask her she will tell us. Just like her bud in the HP now retiring.

  • affirmativediversity Sep 3, 2010

    Bill Harrison's done alright for himself...after all he managed to have a job MADE UP FOR HIM by his buddy Bev, that pays him over $200,000.00 at a time when that same buddy CUT TEACHERS. (oh, and we haven't even mentioned the cost for "his staff")

    I guess if you want to work in the education business its best to be buddies with Bev...that is, if you want steady work!

  • The Fox Sep 2, 2010

    showsomelove you need a hug.

  • didisaythat Sep 2, 2010

    showsomelove, are you being ill?

  • VT1994Hokie Sep 2, 2010

    I am just happy that June got her Superintendent's job back last year after Gov. Bev tried to strip her of all of her duties, and give them to Bill. Glad she won in court. As for Bill, good for him. Hope that he can do something for all of the students in our schools. And, I voted for Bev the last time, and it will be the only time.

  • showsomelove Sep 2, 2010

    5..4..3..2..1... Blast off! Let the negative, evil spirited, whinning comments begin! If you can't say anything good, just keep it to yourself! It's got to be hard being ill all day everyday! :)