Wake residents can weigh in on next superintendent

Posted July 8, 2010

Wake County Public School System

— The public can weigh in on the qualities they want in the next superintendent of the Wake County Public School System at two forums next week.

Meetings will be held Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon in the board room of the Wake County Public School System's Central Services Offices at 3600 Wake Forest Road.

"We want to provide an opportunity for members of the general public to participate in a dialogue regarding the qualities and qualifications they believe are necessary to have in our next superintendent," said Debra Goldman, chairwoman of the Superintendent Selection Committee.

Representatives of search firm Heidrick and Struggles will lead the meetings.

The district is looking for a replacement for Del Burns, who resigned the position effective June 30. 

Donna Hargens, the system's chief academic officer, is serving as interim superintendent.


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  • 6079 SMITH W Jul 9, 2010

    Why bother? Why even HAVE a school system? Education, rational thought, and intelligence are seen as evil "liberal" tendencies anyway.......we could save tons of money by skipping all this education foolishness and instead indoctrinate our kids in proper party propaganda....and have angry, paranoid, screechy, frightened, hormone-drenched, irrational "Mama Grizzlies" to preside over the new re-education camps.

  • early exit Roy Jul 8, 2010

    WRAL is definitely in the tank with the opposition of this board. I think it is a must that we go outside and hire a business person for this job. By continually putting academic people in this position isn't good for the residents/children of Wake Co. They keep on adding more administrative workers and they don't do a darn thing for the kids in the classroom. A business person would trim the fat at the Palace (adm. bldg)and put the money where it is mostly needed. I suggest WRAL put some academic people in the higher positions in their corporation. What do you think about that Mr. goodman?

  • injameswetrust2003 Jul 8, 2010

    "How about if we make Ms Hargens the next Supt "

    While we're at it, let's invite Kevin "mr personality" Hill to be the board chair again. No thanks! We've had __ consecutive supts from inside the system, it's time to look elsewhere.

  • signothefish Jul 8, 2010

    Boy WRAL, you were just eager to post this article, weren't you? AND well ahead of schedule (almost a week). Stories that cover conservative causes usually get less than a day's notice.

  • normson7 Jul 8, 2010

    I fully expect the board to have a very limited access to the forums, as they have done in the past, and force the large majority to stay outside and not be allowed to speak. Modern democracy in action!

  • rand321 Jul 8, 2010

    cause secretly, John Tedesco wants the job!

  • gopack54 Jul 8, 2010

    What difference will it make? The five board members dictating all decisions are going pick whoever they want to. With the mess we've got and the current board, it would be good enough for them if no one applied.

  • ratherbnnc Jul 8, 2010

    How about if we make Ms Hargens the next Supt and quit wasting this money on a search firm?