Panel suggests firm to conduct Wake superintendent search

Posted May 19, 2010

Wake County Public School System

— The panel of Wake County school board members tasked with finding a new superintendent voted 2-1 Wednesday to hire a firm to conduct the search.

Board member Chris Malone, who is one of four sitting on the superintendent search subcommittee, said four firms have submitted bids for as much as $110,000, plus expenses.

The North Carolina School Boards Association also submitted a $15,000 proposal to help the board with the search.

Some board members have expressed concern about the school district paying a third party to find a replacement at a time when the school system is facing massive budget cuts.

But others have said the board needs outside assistance to handle a complex search.

The school system's current superintendent, Del Burns, announced in February his decision to resign June 30, and he was later placed on administrative leave after he publicly accused some board members of "political partisan gamesmanship" when it comes to educating students.

Donna Hargens, the system's chief academic officer, is serving as interim superintendent.

The search committee's vote must now go before the full school board for a vote.


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  • testy May 20, 2010

    They won't find anyone to hold a candle to Dr. Burns! Didn't vote for them don't support them:)

  • itsnotmeiswear May 20, 2010

    This is another way of saying that I don't know or care enough about what I am doing so I'm going to hire someone that does. The other possibility is that one of the firms they are considering is in the pocket of one of the members.

    An decent administrative temp or better yet one of the other employees they are laying off could take care of a lot of the tasks for a whole lot less money than even the lowest proposal.

  • jonnraleigh May 20, 2010

    Are board members qualified to make the kinds of decisions they've been making?

  • NotAgain May 20, 2010

    spedteacher - I sadly agree, but you must look at it this way, are board members really qualified to read a resume and make a logical and informed decision? Also, have been buying and using my own paper in school copiers for 2 years now. My students need more than what is rationed to me.

  • spedteacher May 19, 2010

    How nice to be able to spend that much money to pay someone to read resumes and interview people.....and to think that our school has copiers that are being held together with a hope and a prayer and we are told that we can't replace them due to budget problems.......another waste of money from this lovely school board