Salary for next UNC president could top $500K

Posted May 11, 2010

— The next University of North Carolina president will likely have an annual salary between $495,000 and $550,000, UNC officials said Tuesday.

In addition to the annual salary, he or she would receive a vehicle for business use, membership in the Carolina Club for business use, a residence with housekeeping and groundskeeping services, health insurance and retirement benefits, officials said.

One of the three committees handling the search for President Erskine Bowles' successor set the compensation guidelines Tuesday, but officials said the details could be adjusted during the hiring process.

"Obviously, you always hope that you can find a spectacular candidate for less, but at the same time, we don't want $10,000 to prevent us from being able to get who we want," said Hannah Gage, chairwoman of the UNC Board of Governors.

Bowles announced in February that he would retire at the end of 2010, after five years in charge of the 17-campus UNC system.

He has an annual salary of $478,000, but he donates about $125,000 of that to the university system to boost student financial aid, officials said.


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  • lesliegar2004 May 12, 2010

    This amount of salary is ridiculous. What about the state employees who constantly have their jobs threatened every year because of the economy. There are some state employees who live from one paycheck to another with no chance of pay increase. It is also sad that these employees have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet and now there is a chance that someone could make $500K a year. Can you imagine using a portion of that money for the economy, increase in salaries for others, education, etc. That could really make a difference.

  • ForTheLoveOf May 12, 2010

    It's not the fact that the position is paid that much (even though I feel it is drastically over paid), but that the government decided that position was worth it. Who regulates what the government feels is a "fair wage"? The minimum wage as mandated is quite a bit less hourly... Since the government is not a profit-seeking company, it is a self-serving company by now (self serving for the politicians that run it) then I do think it is unfair for them to just say "you're worth this much" when it's our taxes and the position is not one that will yield money for the system.

  • roaddog3 May 11, 2010

    And we wander why tuition keeps going up.

  • gordonbabe May 11, 2010

    when you don't understand something in its entirety... it's best to keep opinions to yourself. It seems like a lot of money to me as well, but considering what his job includes and the fact that it isn't exactly contractual; I wouldn't want it or the responsibility of the entire UNC system.

  • corey3rd May 11, 2010

    you're all a bunch of socialists who don't understand how the free market works - UNC makes tons of money with their basketball and football cash. They got money to burn with all those "charity" donations to the school from the doctors and lawyers. Cash has to go somewhere.

  • keithfamily344 May 11, 2010

    Without teachers, no one would be able to do any job!!! We are the least respected profession but without teachers where would we all be? The government needs to stop paying these overinflated salaries and put the money where it can be put to the best use - teachers and schools! Our students are doing without so some person can be overpaid for a job that he wouldn't even have if it wasn't for the teachers who taught him/her!!!

  • lajack May 11, 2010

    You know, this is what happens when the upper crust gets to sit in stately settings, make myopic decisions and wonder what all the hub-bub is about. With a troubled State budget bordering on impossible to solve, the BoG is in a FoG when it comes to understanding that the best way to lead is by example and not by bank account. I'll bet every one of the BoG members slept through Early 20th Century History in college and now, while enjoying a sniffer of brandy wonder how in the world the Bolsheviks could have ever taken over a country as mighty as Russia in 1905.

  • delilahk2000 May 11, 2010


  • cold hands warm heart May 11, 2010

    Someone PLEASE, PLEASE help me understand how they can pay someone this and then justify cutting teacher jobs!!! I can't imagine why anyone would be worth this kind of money. This must be why I saw that they are raising tution fees!!!

  • christiespencer May 11, 2010

    WOW!!!!!! What a rip off!!!!!! That makes me sooooo angry!!!