Durham teachers, students address board to save teaching jobs

Posted May 6, 2010

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— Students and teachers gave passionate pleas on Thursday in an effort to save 237 teaching jobs that will be lost due to budget cuts in Durham Public Schools.

Next year’s budget for Durham schools includes $13 million in teacher job losses

“It’s going to be impossible to give students what they need,” teacher Dionne Jiminez said.

Educators say they already face class sizes as high as 30 students and are dealing with a shortage of supplies.

“Teachers are dropping left and right,” student Tevin Armstrong said.

Durham school board hear teacher pleas Durham school board hears teacher pleas

Students expressed their concerns to the Durham County Board of Education during a work-session on Thursday evening.

“If we have no other way to do this, raise taxes,” Jiminez said.

“I will do whatever it takes to save a job,” board member Omega Parker said.

In a symbolic gesture, school board members agreed to reduce their $800 dollar a month stipend to $500 a month as a good faith measure to the public.

“I will give up whatever to fund all positions,” board chair Minnie Forte-Brown said.

They have also decided to draft a proposal asking county commissioners to restore the $13 million in cuts.

Another proposal would eliminate automatic contract renewals for executive leadership team members under contract. Instead, renewals would be based on performance. Also, if salary decreases were issued for the district, those decreases would be factored into the new contracts.

Travel allowances will also be removed, in lieu of reimbursements.

The Board of Education will meet May 13 to vote on the budget.


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  • gmarcum May 7, 2010

    How many principals and assistant principals are going to be let go? How many Durham Schhol Board members will resign to save money? None I think. Just a bunch of bloated bureacrats....

  • fishon May 7, 2010

    How much is a child going to learn when there's 30 students and 1 teacher???

    Are you joking? Both the private grade school and private high schools my 2 sisters and I attended had that number. Very few people failed each year, maybe one per grade. As far as I know any that wanted to attended college.

    And my parents paid school taxes for public grade and high schools we did not attend and private school tuition, neither had college, both worked, and we did without some things.

    School today is a joke.

  • Duke _Nukem May 7, 2010

    Let me see if I got this right. The wise Bev Perdue wants to give teachers a raise, but yet we are going to cut teaching positions because there is a financial shortfall. WOW.

  • ncguy May 7, 2010

    We wouldn't need those teachers if it wasn't for children of illegals.

    also no ESL teacher will be released.

    So when you can't get a class you want or there is no more money for athletics thank your illegals for that.

    I just don't understand why children of illegals get preferential treatment over Americans?

  • affirmativediversity May 7, 2010

    The teachers need to look at the bright side:

    Bev is going to give the ones that are left a "step-increase"...oh and Principal bonuses have been saved.

  • affirmativediversity May 7, 2010

    "I went to school abroad. I don't understand why we cannot get the parent for each child to pay some nominal school fees" per geethav2009


    You're joking, aren't you? Where do you think money comes from to pay for education now?

    Here's a hint: Its called PROPERTY TAX, STATE TAX, FEDERAL TAX, SALES TAX, LOTTERY TICKETS (although these are not mandatory yet) and JUDICIAL FINES.

    Go ask your parents if they'd mind paying ANOTHER $25-45 per month to the school board (because they lack the skills to budget) for YOU to go to school. Come on back and tell us what they say.

  • gmarcum May 7, 2010

    Maybe if our "wise" politicians would quit handing out free stuff to illegal immigrants and their children, then maybe the budget for education wouldn't be hit. Maybe we should adopt Arizona's law. By the way, has anyone seen any mention of the DOT facing job cuts? No? I didn't think so......

  • geethav2009 May 7, 2010

    I went to school abroad. I don't understand why we cannot get the parent for each child to pay some nominal school fees. All other countries have it. We can make some provisions for children who come from very disadvantaged or very low income groups. Pay perhaps $25-45 per month per child. Will this not help with budget cuts?

  • affirmativediversity May 7, 2010

    I have one word for the we can have it all crowd:


  • jervin6 May 7, 2010

    Yes it was about the City of Durham and the last time I checked the City of Durham is who wanted to merge the county with the city schools to create Durham Public Schools. Therefore the city should be coming up with money to help maintain the Durham Public School System instead of wasting money when it needed else where.