Selling naming rights could help generate Wake schools funds

Posted April 15, 2010

School Funding (Generic)

— At least one Wake County school board member thinks the school system should look at selling the naming rights at high school stadiums to help with school funding.

The public school system is looking at $40 million less in funding for the upcoming school year, because of low revenue and state-mandated budget cuts.

Finding companies willing to pay for exposure at high school sporting events is one option officials should consider, board member Keith Sutton said Thursday.

The school board did discuss the idea in 2003 but never decided on the matter.

Wake schools could take budget cues from pro sports Wake schools could take budget cues from pro sports

School system spokesman Michael Evans said Thursday that given the current financial situation of the school system, every idea is worth considering.

"But we need to do the due diligence to have the information for the (board members) so they can make an informed decision, and that's what we're doing right now," Evans said.

Sutton said he believes stadium sponsorships could be a win-win for every party involved as many companies are scaling back advertising revenue.

"We can offer, perhaps, a better bang for their buck and give them more exposure for smaller dollars," he said.

Impacts on the school system are expected to be severe.

Board members on Wednesday reviewed proposals showing the impact on the system.

School-based cuts would include a reduction of extra-duty pay and an increase in the students-to-teacher ratio. In addition, money allotted to the system per student would be used to fill in budget gaps.

There is already a hiring freeze in place that affects all central services and most school-based positions, as well as new hires and re-hires.

The school board and district administrators are also considering laying off about 70 staff in central services and eliminating 30 to 35 vacant positions that would affect instructional services, communications, chief of staff, auxiliary services and administrative services.


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  • djbyrdnc Apr 16, 2010

    Paid for Wake County tax payers.

  • ranquick Apr 16, 2010

    This is a BAD idea and will influence the school system to lose sight of the main goal of school, and that is the provide our young with an education. WHY is the money a deal, I will tell you why becasue we pay too many in Raleigh too much and they spend the money on worthless projects.

  • luv2surffish2 Apr 16, 2010

    naming rights = "MUST" have great teams = dont matter what your grades are.. you can play cause we need the money...
    whole school board needs replacing

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Apr 16, 2010

    Maybe Obama will come in and plaster his ugly mug all over the stadiums, using tax payer dollars to fund the advertising.

  • rand321 Apr 16, 2010

    the new NE wake high schools could be the Bob Luddy High! Lets n ot forget Pope Middle School and Tedesco elementary.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Apr 16, 2010

    so these companies should use the money to hire *1* new employee.....or use the money to pad funding for an entire school. hmm, benefit ONE, or benefit MANY. jeez, that's a tough decision....

  • niall Apr 16, 2010

    Before reflexively bashing the corporations, you might want to examine the logic of your statements. Even the assumption that businesses would pay for these naming rights is dubious. A big sports stadium? Certainly. A middle school ball field? Not so clear and certainly not for the princely sums that something like RBC commands. I doubt this scheme will come to fruition, and in the unlikely event it does, the harvest will not be a bountiful one. Businesses aren't sitting on piles of money just waiting for a chance to turn the school system into advertising.

  • Titus Pullo Apr 16, 2010

    We could sell naming rights to schools too. (I still do not know what the person my high school was named after did to be chosen). I would really like the opportunity to give my alma mater a new name.

  • NoFreakinWay Apr 16, 2010

    ridiculous idea, this won't generate more than a few grand at best. they squashed putting the same companies on playground sun shades, why should they be allowed to do it this way? face it folk, a lot of teachers are about to be let go, a lot more kids are going to be in your kid's class and you are about to become their transportation. it's just the way it is.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 16, 2010

    If they do this, any money realized needs to be used to pay off the school bonds. It is time to start removing the burden from the taxpayers of carrying that debt that they should never have taken on in the first place.