State gets $383M in stimulus funds for schools

Posted March 23, 2010

— North Carolina will receive $383.4 million in federal stimulus money for education, U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Tuesday.

The money is in addition to any funds the state might win in the national Race to the Top competition.

"North Carolina provided us with basic information on what is working in their classrooms,” Duncan said in a statement. “This data is a critical tool in helping us work together – with students, parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders and elected officials at every level – to improve education for North Carolina’s students.”

North Carolina officials recently reported that stimulus money has been used to provide funding for more than 19,000 education jobs between October and December while supporting programs that drive education reform.

“These critical education dollars will help school systems around the state keep teachers working in the classroom," Gov. Beverly Perdie said in a statement. "They will also help keep students on the path towards graduating from high school ready for college, a career or technical training.”

North Carolina was one of 16 states named finalists for more than $4 billion in Race to the Top grants. The money rewards states using innovative ideas to improve student performance. Winners are expected to be announced in April.


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  • Raleigh Boys Mar 24, 2010

    What about the 600+ teachers losing their jobs in Charlotte? Folks we are not leaving the recession, but going deeper.

  • just trying Mar 23, 2010

    balog, you speak the truth.

  • balog Mar 23, 2010

    whatusay exhibits what true ignoirance is about. "Obamacare" as he puts it, was signed into law today. So far, 0$ has been spent on it. Secondly, he mentioned "trillions" in costs to NC alone. Where does he get his number from. This NATIONAL health care reform over 10 years will cost almost a trillion, so where wahtuday gets his "trillions" for the state from must be the same source Bush got his WMD's in iraq.

  • whatusay Mar 23, 2010 maybe Perdue can find a way to fund medicaid for the next 20 years. That will only cost NC tax payers a few trillions. Obama Care has bankrupted us with his mandates and cuts to medicaid. Look out old timers, Obama says your life is not worth much.

  • bluewater7777 Mar 23, 2010

    Good news. NC doesn't need to cut education funding as announced earlier.