Some Wake parents get time to weigh school options

Posted March 11, 2010

— Parents of about 4,500 Wake County public school students will have the opportunity to apply to year-round or magnet schools, beginning Friday.

Earlier this month, the school board converted year-round calendars at four schools to traditional calendars based on results from a district-wide survey gauging parents' attitudes toward their children's school calendar assignments.

Leesville Road Elementary and Leesville Road Middle schools in Raleigh and Mills Park Elementary School in Cary will switch to a traditional calendar beginning in the fall. Mills Park Middle School in Cary will also open on a traditional calendar.

Parents with students assigned to these schools have until March 18 to apply to their school's calendar option or to a magnet school.

Sycamore Creek Elementary School is the calendar option for Leesville Road Elementary; Durant Road Middle and East Cary Middle schools are options for Leesville Road Middle; Highcroft Elementary School is an option for Mills Park Elementary; East Cary Middle School is the alternative for Mills Park Middle.

Letters were sent home this week to affected students' families outlining their options, the school system said.

The additional time means parents who submitted applications earlier this year won't receive their assignments until April 8. They will have until April 28 to decline their offer.


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  • jnc67 Mar 11, 2010

    I am so tired of the school board (all of them) that I could spit. Politicians should not be making decisions about our schools; people who know about the process of educating students should. The previous school board made parents angry because their decisions were based on what was best for the budget, not the students. This school board is making decisions on what is best for their popularity; not what is best for students. They cannot even be civil to one another. How on earth can we trust them to be civil to our students?

  • mindofreason Mar 11, 2010

    Melanie, please do not tell me you are that blind.
    First, as the spouse of a teacher who works at an inside the beltline school, their are plenty of F&R students at the school. So the fallacy that those students are not at inside the beltline schools, is completely blind.
    Second, instead of WCPSS spending money on crazy conversions, perhaps they should spend it maintaining their existing schools, since my wifes school had no A/C today.
    3. "See a Mess" has not been a booming success. Ask the teachers, and parents there.
    4. Neighborhood schools are not great, ask the folks in KC. That was supposed to be a shining example for neighborhood schools, well based on talking to folks from there, and today's news, I would say not!

    Please come with actual facts before you post...Thanks!

  • MelanieK1025 Mar 11, 2010

    I dont know how the parents feel about Leesville elementary..but didnt the board base their decision on parent response? Also..millions of dollars weren't spent to convert those two schools. They spent 3.4 million converting all the schools that converted. I can totally understand why you would be upset. I do like year round as well. Our school had a 92% favorable year round calendar!

  • rand321 Mar 11, 2010

    the new board is wasting taxpayer money. we spent milliions to convert Leesville elementary and middle. The elementary parents and kids are happy with the calendar. The middle schools kids will soon be aged out to HS....why bother switching and spending more money to revert the schools back, spend more money at the other schools to accomodate increased enrollment.

    Very short term irresponsible thinking.

  • MelanieK1025 Mar 11, 2010

    Sorry but some of the parents at that meeting were behaving like animals. I was there and I saw those that oppose this board literally bully supporters of neighborhood schools. That is just wrong. Sorry but neighborhood schools are wonderful. It is about time that the inside the beltline families stop getting their way of dumping the lower income families into district 2 Garner schools and allow those lower income children to go to school in their community. The new board is changing things it going to work? I hope so....if it is anything like what it did for will be a booming success.

  • rand321 Mar 11, 2010

    does the new board not have a clue that the majority of parents happy with Leesville elementary and sycamore elem whose kids would go to leesville middle, now have to go all the way across north raleigh or cary to a yr middle schools.

    clue phone to board, the middle parents not happy leesville are going to have lots of kids age out. why spend $$ switching?

  • superman Mar 11, 2010

    The new board listens too-- they just call the parents "animals" so you think that is better?

  • Remy Mar 11, 2010

    "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, tissue?" time4real

    Once again your lack of empathy for anyone else is appauling.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Mar 11, 2010

    3 weeks is gonna kill you?

  • time4real Mar 11, 2010

    that'd be a nope.

    we're in the dreadful public cogwheel, nothing lucky about anything related to that hamster cage.