Burns remains Wake schools chief, for now

Posted March 2, 2010

— It appears Del Burns will stay on as the superintendent of the Wake County Public School System, for now.

School board Chairman Ron Margiotta said Tuesday that the board took no action regarding Burns' contract, despite two hours of discussions behind closed doors.

The discussion isn't over, though, Margiotta said.

In several interviews last month, Burns, who announced he's resigning June 30, criticized the board's new majority and expressed concern about the direction of the school system's future

He also accused the board of "partisan political gamesmanship" and said ending the school system's decade-old diversity policy would segregate rich schools and poor schools in the school system.

Almost immediately, two local groups called on the school board to replace Burns, and members of the board's new majority expressed concern about whether they could continue to work with him.

"I'm still at the table, still working," Burns said Tuesday during a break from the school boards Committee of the Whole meeting. "Let's leave it at that."

Burns announced his resignation Feb. 16, saying that he doesn't agree with some of the changes the board's new majority has made and wants to make.

Implementing the changes, Burns said, would go against his principles and beliefs.


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  • Remy Mar 3, 2010

    ncsqrl - I don't think you can see the FB comments. WRAL had an interview with Tedesco last night where he talked about his comments and how he just had a bad day. It may have just been another ploy to get media time, who knows with that guy?
    Either way, those types of comments do nto need to be publicized to a community already in turmoil with all this stuff.

  • ncsqrl Mar 3, 2010

    SNOWDAYS... how do we see his comments on FB? i went there but didnt see anything (on 4wakekids).

  • JaySee Mar 3, 2010

    If Burns continues to collect a paycheck then he should serve out his term. Max pain. As far as schools being segregated, come on folks. People segregate themselves even if they're stuffed in the same room. It's natural to hang with like-minded people. There are always exceptions to the rule but for the most part segregation exists before school, during school and then after school. And if the President is appropriating $4B to fund a program to address the huge high-school dropout rate, what good has all the social engineering done to this point? What is the true objective of these so-called diversity folks? Hiding failing schools? It's certainly not money. Look at your tax bill.

  • Smiley30 Mar 3, 2010

    I am not sure Tedesco could run a lemonade stand. It is a shame when apathy gets a guy who is in over his head elected. He has obviously started to crack under the pressure judging by his facebook comments.

  • superman Mar 3, 2010

    Even if they release him from his contract now-- the county would only save the amount of local supplement. The bulk of his salary is state funded. If he left it wouldnt put that money in their pocket to use for something else. Funds for salarys cannot be used for supplies. Before you make wild suggestions-- learn where the money comes from.

  • lyteoflife Mar 3, 2010

    a school is a school is a school with our children getting the same education no matter where they go...please stop whining about neighborhood schools! If you have not noticed, many govt housing neighborhoods were closed and families moved thruout the county. I have been with money and I have been without money...that has nothing to do with is about how the parents raise their kids. They all get the same education, if they don't there rises the problems within our schools!

  • lyteoflife Mar 3, 2010

    I think the board has more work that needs to be done besides talking for 2 hours about Mr Burns. Let the man work until he leaves, leave him alone and keeping plowing away on work that needs to be done with our schools...really simple.

  • Clover Mar 3, 2010

    This man's last day can't come soon enough!

  • time4real Mar 3, 2010

    what Mr. T wrote on his waste of time page, was simply the truth. no doubt it's the worst job any of them have ever held. no pay and people like barber, the enloe kiddies and the same bunch calling them everything in the book, making threats, causing disruptions and not doing a thing to help improve anything. all they want to do is cry about their poor diversity being taken away or their magnet seat getting pulled. guess what, it ain't all about just them. anymore!

  • Remy Mar 3, 2010

    "Tedesco could run it much better than Del the quitter!"

    I guess you did not hear that Tedesco wrote some nasty things about his WCPSS job on his Facebook page. Just another example of how he has no idea what he is doing and that he can't handle the pressure. At least Mr. Burns was forthright and honest in his opinions and did the respectful thing of stepping down when he saw a wrong in his organization.