'More to do' on Wake diversity policy

Posted February 24, 2010

Wake County Public School System

— Academic achievement, proximity and parental involvement should be among the important considerations in how students are assigned to schools in Wake County, board members discussed Wednesday.

Still, the Wake County school board's three-member policy committee in a 2-1 vote rejected potential changes to the school system's diversity policy, with one member saying more work is needed.

Committee rejects change in diversity policy Committee rejects change in diversity policy

Board member Chris Malone made a motion to adopt the amended assignment policy, which would eliminate socio-economic diversity as a priority for student assignment and to replace it with a preference for community-based schools.

His move was met with silence.

"I'm not 100 percent on that wording, and I believe every person involved has value and opinions and thoughts that are valuable," board member Debra Goldman said. "I feel like we have not done the vetting."

Goldman, who is in favor of changing the policy, says the decision is too controversial and that although she wrote the amended policy, there needs to be more research on both sides.

"There is more work to do," she said.

Five of the school board's nine members have indicated that they want to end the practice, which can involve busing students to schools farther from their homes, in favor of neighborhood schools.

Board members who support the policy say changing the current plan in favor of neighborhood schools would disrupt diversity at schools.

"If we care so much about these students, then why do we want to write them out of the policy?" board member Keith Sutton asked members.

A separate proposal from Sutton would keep the diversity requirements in and also attempt to keep students closer to home.

"By completely striking them out, you are not considering them," he said. "They are not a factor."

In a series of community meetings over the past few weeks, parents have spoken out both in favor and opposed to change.

A final public forum on the issue is planned for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Panther Creek High School, 6770 McCrimmon Parkway, in Cary.


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  • Plenty Coups Feb 25, 2010

    ElCid- You keep arguing that it is reasonable that those who promote segregation by not wanting their kids to be bused around the county rather than going to neighborhood schools are somehow breaking a law or going against Brown vs. Board of Ed. by your logic, most people in the U.S. would be guilty of causing segreagation by choosing to live and go to school in racially homogenous areas. You also still don't cite any court cases or laws that back up your arguments. You simply argue. I'll take my chances in court against you with this one anyday.

  • superman Feb 25, 2010

    The board cannot end diversity. Schools can no longer be segreated. A law was passed several weeks ago that makes segreagtion illegal or didnt you people read about it. There are too many reassignments and that must stop. My grandson is in the 4 grade and he has been in 3 different schools already and his parents have not moved. With so many new residents I know it is difficult not to have reassignments based on the new students. It just isnt fair to the students to keep moving them from school to school- quit fooling around with the policy and assign the students for heavens sake and give them some stability. To heck with what is convenient or not convenient for the rich people in Cary.

  • NCAries Feb 25, 2010

    I say give it to them, and then let them fight it out amongst themselves.

    Me too.

  • NCAries Feb 25, 2010

    @ enigma1469

    That is supposed to be true...but it's not.

  • wakemom Feb 25, 2010

    wakemom-I am also a SE Raleigh resident who gets annoyed with people don't know our area--The board does realize that there are families in SE Raleigh who are not poor/minority--look at nodes. Our neghborhood is a node itself as are other in the area-this creates a question of value as the F/R% is probably lower in these areas than other SE Raleigh neghborhoods. Which allows them to move minority students out to Cary/Apex and not create a big swing on F/R%. WE NEED MORE PARENT VOICES LIKE YOURS!!!!

    no problem at all! my subdivision too is in a node of its own. but i will just let the ppl up here tell their story since they are all rich, smart, educated, wannabe folks

  • rand321 Feb 25, 2010

    Goldman is right. the responsbile thing would be to end econoimc diversity as the principle or primary means of school assignment. it is and will always be a factor and must be considered into order to meet the many objectives the schools must achieve. These include, not only the wishes of the parents, but the taxpayers, the employers in teh community, Federal regulations, state regulations, etc.

    it is not wise from an operational standpoint to paint yourself into a corner. Just like saying no one will be assigned to a year round school unless they chose it. A variety of conditions may require mandatory assignement.

    its a very complex job to manage for over 130,000 students that is growing. If the numbers of extra Uhaul trucks arriving at the rental centers each week are a sign, there are going to be lots more students in the schools. Prepare for more growth.

  • Myword Feb 24, 2010

    Speaking of the Nation-- Wake County better get used to seeing its high ranking for public education crash. Hope all the businesses out there enjoy that.

  • Butterbean Feb 24, 2010

    This Nations school systems has suffered too much already for the sake of diversity and polictal correctness. Lets get back to real teachings, and not just teaching to pass a test.

    I hope the new Wake County school board sticks to what/why they were elected.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Feb 24, 2010

    Goldman needs to do what she promised while campaigning and vote to eliminate socio-economic diversity (race) based busing in Wake County.

  • uropinionmatters Feb 24, 2010

    sorry a little late If I was a bus driver then what.......... but No I am not, This entire issue concerns me ..when I say the entire issue I mean what happens in the long run, everyone who is going to be effected by this decision. But I guess as once poster called me this is what bleeding heart liberals do...... think about others........not just myself.