Panel: Find new site for Rolesville high school

Posted February 9, 2010
Updated February 17, 2010

— A Wake County Board of Education committee on Tuesday recommended abandoning the proposed site for a new high school northeast of Raleigh and look at two alternative sites in Rolesville.

The full school board is expected to make a decision on the matter next Tuesday.

As one of their first actions on Dec. 1, new school board members voted to halt work on the planned Forest Ridge High School, at 2628 Forestville Road. They said they wanted to take a second look at other potential sites for the school before proceeding further at the site near the intersection of Forestville Road and U.S. Highway 401.

The site has caused a stir among nearby residents, who have expressed concern about traffic and the impact on their community. County commissioners also have complained about cost overruns in planning the school for that location.

District officials looked at nearly 40 sites for the high school, which is projected to cost $74 million. The school was to open and hold more than 2,200 students, making it the largest school in Wake County.

Officials said Tuesday that starting over at a new site could add $15.5 million to construction costs and would push back the opening date by two years. The delayed opening would aggravate overcrowding at Knightdale High School and elementary schools in northeast Wake County, they said.

The school board committee wants to look at two sites recommended by Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles for the high school. One is at U.S. 401 and Louisbury Road and the other is near Rolesville and Quarry roads.


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  • NCMom1 Feb 10, 2010

    Well, if they are going to re-think the school, they should go ahead and consider making it bigger than for 2200 students. Even at the largest school in the county, it will still be filled to capacity when it opens. Why not add another floor and build up instead adding modulars or having to find another sight and build another high school a few years down the road.

  • NCTeacher Feb 9, 2010

    just1comment- that clears it up. The N&O article made alot more sense

  • rand321 Feb 9, 2010

    We are spending over 15 million more dollars for another site, using up nearly all of the cap ex reserve fund? that sounds like a waste of taxpayer money.

    Maybe the media will investigate who owns the other sites, directly or indirectly? This sounds like teh same ole back room meetings that the tea party crowed is criticizing the Federal government for....

  • just1comment Feb 9, 2010

    From The News & Observer article -

    "Don Haydon, chief facilities and operations officer, said delaying the school would mean having to deal with overcrowding at Knightdale High School.

    Haydon said not going with Forest Ridge would also lead to crowding delays for elementary school in northern Wake.

    Administrators had planned that once Forest Ridge opened in 2012 to stop using one or more of the off-campus ninth-grade centers used by Wakefield and Wake Forest-Rolesville high schools. The ninth-grade centers would have been used to temporarily house elementary students."

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Feb 9, 2010

    If the people out there don't want a new high school, then don't build them one. Its that simple. let them crowd into WFR. I am tired of their whining.

  • Aries0882 Feb 9, 2010

    cantstandgoloanymore....Drive down that road any time between 7:15 and 8:45 am. Sit at a four-way stop for 25 minutes, roll by two schools on a two-lane country road on your way that four-way stop. It takes me an hour and 5 minutes to go 17 miles to downtown from Wake forest. Give that a shot and then tell me it is a good idea to add another school on that road. Let me know what you think.

  • NCTeacher Feb 9, 2010

    This may be a dumb question- but how exactly will delaying this high school aggravate the overcrowding at elementary schools?

  • Nunya123 Feb 9, 2010

    So the ideas is to waste $15.5 million to move it to another site because there will be an increase in traffic near the new school. Great. Hope all of you are happy with this new fiscally responsible board we have.

  • Aries0882 Feb 9, 2010

    If you build this school on Forestville Rd., for the love of God please two-lane the road, or put a stop light on Forestville road. On that same road there are 3 schools within one mile of each other. Traffic is horrible. I fear the WCPSS will not pay attention to this traffic until there is a serious accident and someone or a student is seriously hurt or killed. You can't put 20,000 cars for 4 schools all within one mile of each other without fixing the road. People are moving out of Wake Forest not because of the mess that is Forestville Rd.

    It takes me 15 minutes to get down Capital Blvd to downtown in the morning. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to get through Wake Forest!

  • 37 Feb 9, 2010

    Once this is built, can they please rename WF-R back to Wake Forest High School? If no one from Rolesville will attend, what's the point?