Justice Department investigating NAACP segregation complaint

Posted February 4, 2010

— The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice will join an investigation into the state NAACP's claims of re-segregation in Wayne County Public Schools.

The group, in December, filed a federal Title VI complaint against the school system, claiming its practices deprive students of color, particularly black students, of their constitutional right to an education.

The Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education is already investigating.

"This intervention by the United States of America will give added strength to the new fusion movement that is developing in Wayne County that, we believe, will lead the way to first-class schools and teachers for all our children," state NAACP President Rev. William Barber said Thursday.

In its complaint, the NAACP cites policies that have resulted in poor performance statistics, including lower graduation rates, higher dropout and suspension rates and stiffer discipline for black students.

The group says that less than 50 percent of black, Hispanic and Native American children in grades 3-8 achieved a proficient score on end-of-grade tests for the 2008-2009 school year. For white students, that rate was 76.7 percent.

Less than 60 percent of minority students in high school were proficient, while the rate among their white counterparts was around 80 percent.

The NAACP also alleges that the school system uses buses to segregate schools in Goldsboro by race rather than by neighborhood, a practice, Barber has said has resulted in "extreme re-segregation."

A Wayne County school system spokesman has said the school system is working to improve test scores and reduce achievement gaps but that it is not an issue of segregated schools.


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  • beachboater Feb 5, 2010

    The Reverend Doctor William Barber's solution to better grades for failing students is to dumb down the education system. Then when we import a Toyota car in the future, there will be a foreign scientist riding in the driver's seat to work in America.

  • luvbailey Feb 5, 2010

    To diver, kickbutt and findoutthefacts: I give up.

  • diver Feb 5, 2010

    Luvbailey....can you dispute anything I have said???? I didn't think so.

  • findoutthefacts Feb 5, 2010 need to learn the difference between someone who make a truthful statement and someone who makes a racist statement.

    Just because someone makes a statement that isn't "glowing" of the black community doesn't make them a racist.....

  • kickbuttt Feb 5, 2010

    luvbailey...since when did you become the voice of this thread

  • diver Feb 5, 2010

    I agree with Sulfurdust!!! How much longer is it going to be the responsibility of the whites to bail out the blacks. You wonder why racism is still alive and kicking...this is one of the reasons. The black community either A. needs the whites to help them. or B. needs to blame the whites for their problems.

  • Titus Pullo Feb 5, 2010

    It is always easier to blame someone else, than to take responsibility for what we do ourselves.

  • Nancy Feb 4, 2010

    Diversity does absolutely nothing to compel ANY student to learn more.

    There is no magic to diversity when it comes to education.

    Each student is responsible to apply themselves and learn, no matter the appearance of the building, no matter who sits next to them and certainly, no matter what color they are.

    Each student succeeds or fails on their own.

    How about that.

  • familyfour Feb 4, 2010

    Only thing wrong with NAACP and Wayne County Schools is that the NAACP needs to tell these folks to study more, gripe less and see what happens.

    It is not because of lines drawn in the sand, it is about rules not being drawn out at home.

    Start at home, and work out from there.....not outside in.

    You cannot END where it all have to start at the beginning.


    But the NAACP would rather blame it on someone else, as usual.

    Oh, one more can you segregate people when they choose to live amongst one another?

    Please explain why it is fine for them to choose to live together, but refuse to be educated together? A bit hypocritical.....if I say so myself.

    Pass the cheese with this wine, please.....

  • gov watchdog Feb 4, 2010

    "Don't believe me? Look what difference a 20 year delay made between Durham and Wake."

    Sorry, but I doubt you can prove it has anything to do with diversity in school.

    According to the article, somewhere between 50 and 60% of minorities reach proficiency. So, to me, it makes sense to find out what they are doing that is different from the ones that are not reaching proficiency. Now, if the percentage of proficiency was around 10%, I would definitely agree that there is an issue. At this point, I wonder if it is the home/family life rather than the schools.