New school board may have violated law

Posted December 3, 2009

— An attorney for WRAL News said Thursday that the new Wake County Board of Education might have violated state law.

After four new members were sworn in Tuesday, the board passed eight resolutions on a number of issues, making significant changes to some of the school system's long-standing policies.

Board members said Thursday they met and discussed some issues in advance of Tuesday's meetings.

Amanda Martin, an attorney with Everett, Gaskins, Hancock & Stevens LLP, said she believes the new members may have broken state law by voting on matters they clearly deliberated over before taking the oath of office.

The new members said they don't believe they violated any state statutes.

Board member Chris Malone said the new members have been transparent and the idea that something improper was done is "ridiculous."


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  • rhoda_penmark Dec 4, 2009

    If they did this after they had already been sworn in, it would have violated the open meetings law. If they did it before they took office, it is doubtful that anything illegal can be demonstrated here.

  • sf2fl Dec 4, 2009

    Didn't they run for office and identify what they would do if elected ... and upon election and being sworn in, have they not started to implement these same policies? I don't understand the confusion. The voters spoke ... asked for these members to initiate change ... the members meet and vote. To me that's called progress. Better than them sitting on their hands. By the way, has anyone been in a Wake County School recently ... seems to me its all about being diverse while the reading, writing, and arithmetic are pushed to the outskirts of teaching. One thing I've noticed, too, about the year-round calendar ... how many teachers at your school switched grade levels this past year due to budget cuts? I know of at least half a dozen instances in my elementary school. How well prepared are these educators to teach a new grade level with all of one week to prepare? I like the year-round calendar, but I believe the teachers are ill-prepared for the schedule.

  • homefree Dec 4, 2009

    These board members are doing what they promised. The changes made obviously are not in line with the liberal media. You guys love to report only one side of this story. After years of parents standing on there heads to get changes, these guys are being swift to make changes. I love the interview with the school teach that said he used Wednesday half days "to reflect". What a joke. This is a living example of the problems within government.