Wake Tech becomes largest community college in NC

Posted August 15, 2012

— With more than 20,000 students enrolled for the fall semester, Wake Technical Community College reports that it is now the largest community college in North Carolina.

Administrators said a record 20,216 students arrived on the school’s five campuses Wednesday for the start of the semester.

Enrollment has increased more than 55 percent in the past five years, and more than 6,000 students are on waiting lists each semester for classes that are full.

"We joke about if we build it, they will come, and they continue to come," said Gayle Greene, vice president of the college's North Campus.

On that campus alone, which sits near the intersection of Interstate 540 and U.S. Highway 401, Greene expects to serve 8,000 students this fall – 10 percent more than last year.

Record enrollment creates space issues at Wake Tech Record enrollment creates space issues at Wake Tech

"This lecture hall was just finished. There are 294 seats here, and already not enough seats for the faculty that work on North Campus," she said. "(Our newest classroom building) is already full. I am already out of office space. I have already turned closets into office space."

The college will request a $200 million bond referendum in November. If approved, the money will pay for new facilities and renovations to serve an additional 24,000 students.

Greene hopes to get three new buildings on North Campus.

The bonds will not result in a tax increase, administrators said.


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  • superman Aug 17, 2012

    Of course they are big. They want a Wake Tech building on every corner and every shopping center. You can take all the classes they have but in the end unless you already have a degree or working on a degree you wont have much luck finding a job. You may be able to do your current job better. There are several hundred people out of work-maybe even more so when you apply for a new job there will be applicants that are both qualified and hold a degree. If all you have done is to take classess--you will not be hired.

  • Cotton333 Aug 16, 2012

    I am in law enforcement and am SUPER impressed with their criminal justice program. They have top-notch professors, including many who are currently in law enforcement. I moved here from another state and was so impressed to find how this community college was (and is) so much more advanced than many other universities and colleges. Keep up the good work WTCC!

  • canfarce12 Aug 16, 2012

    I went to Wake Tech for means to transfer to another university. I received my Associate of Arts and transferred to App State. Honestly, Wake Tech provides the challenge for people that still want to go to a 4-year college.

  • carlostheass Aug 16, 2012

    "What is the graduation rate?? Alot of people goto wake tech for General ed then transfer out... I don't know how the rates are calculated but i'm sure it takes that into account..." --Pikachu

    Think about it critically. The purpose is education, not to be a diploma mill. I already have a degree and a profession but I took computer programming classes there and write custom software in my field in addition to working in the field. I didn't care a hoot about a piece of paper for the program; I wanted the education in what I needed. Success is in what you do, not in the papers you hold.

  • carlostheass Aug 16, 2012

    "Wake Tech becomes largest community college in NC. That's like being the biggest tick on a mangy dog." --atheistswillrule

    This wins my vote as the most ignorant remark today. Do you even know anything about Wake Tech? Are you qualified to teach anything there? No? Then how about zipping it, mmm-K?

  • nowon_yuno Aug 16, 2012

    I have heard of people just taking coarses to collect the Pell Grant money. Just asking....

    Please tell me that "coarses" was an auto correct.

  • nowon_yuno Aug 16, 2012

    My GI Bill money was well spent there

  • atheistswillrule Aug 16, 2012

    Wake Tech becomes largest community college in NC. That's like being the biggest tick on a mangy dog.

  • smegma Aug 16, 2012

    this is a really good school. they have done an excellent job improving from just another local community college with bland instructors and limited curriculums.

    their IT and Bio Pharmaceutical departments are superb, with great connections to local (but international) companies that visit the college on a regular basis. i'm impressed.

  • UNCRules123 Aug 16, 2012

    Remedial English and Math are the bread and butter at Wake Tech. How did these students ever graduate ? A large majority of the students go on the Pell Grant and wait for their "refund" checks to fund other so called "needs" and "wants. A student can fail and retake a class up to 3 times with no questions asked. Its a shame because the abuse hurts the legitimate student.