Tata supports punishment in Panther Creek cheating

Posted May 4, 2012

— Wake County school Superintendent Tony Tata on Friday said he supports administrators' decisions to punish students caught cheating on a test at Cary's Panther Creek High School.

"We take all allegations of cheating seriously, and we care not just about test scores but working to develop the character of the whole person," Tata told reporters at his weekly news briefing. "We take this very seriously."

A junior was suspended and four others were placed in detention after comments surfaced on a social networking site about the cheating.

"A fellow student made the right decision to report that," Tata said.

Tata said that the student who was suspended took a photo of an advanced copy of a test and distributed it to the other students, some of whom are in advanced classes and rank in the top 10 percent of their class.

School system policy dictates that the students be given a chance to take a similar test. That grade will be factored into their overall grade.


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  • kermit60 May 7, 2012

    Giving them a chance to take another test is why they did this in the first place. They should recieve a zero for the exam and whatever that does to their grade. They are telling these kids to follow the rules but hey, if you don't and get caught we'll give you another chance with no consequences. But I'm sure their parents would say they are entitled to another test and will do whatever it takes for the kids to remain "honor" students even if that includes cheating again.

  • westernwake1 May 4, 2012

    "Look at all those learning center in Cary & Apex area. Look who they are. There are groups spending a lot of money to get their kids ahead for better or worse. Just my own little observation!" - Da Toy Maker

    I do agree with you. Families from China, India, Korea, and other Asian countries place much more importance on education then many families native to the U.S. I actually applaud these families for going above and beyond to give their children the best opportunities and tutoring to excel. This being said there needs to be an emphasis that getting a grade with integrity is more important obtaining a grade via cheating. The moral needs to be that cheating is stealing from others - and the school system needs to apply the lesson that cheating does not pay.

  • westernwake1 May 4, 2012

    cary2006, I think you need to read the Golo thread with the other article with the posts from Panther Creek students about the cheating being carried out by a particular community of students, and the teachers comments that in most instances their parents support the cheating & see nothing wrong with it. My quote that you are taking exception to is from another person on this earlier thread.

  • Da Toy Maker May 4, 2012


    Sounds like you have some detail info regarding this incident. Interesting.

    I do agree with other. Cheating is not unique to any particular group. Some group might have more pressure on their kids to achieve academically than other. Look at all those learning center in Cary & Apex area. Look who they are. There are groups spending a lot of money to get their kids ahead for better or worse.

    Just my own little observation!

  • merrywench May 4, 2012

    What punishment?

  • sbr1963 May 4, 2012

    Excuse me, they will be given the opportunity to take another test!?!?!? NO, they will get the grade they deserve for the test a big, fat F!! There is absolutely no punishment here. No wonder kids today think that life is a breeze. There are no consequences for anything and no one taking responsibility for their own actions.

  • cary2006 May 4, 2012

    "Apparently in some cultures INTEGRITY is not as important as stepping on whoever you have to in order to get ahead."

    Apparently it looks like your INTEGRITY just stopped short when you blamed an entire culture for the actions of a few.

    Cheating didn't start with these students nor will it end with these students. Online cheats sheets in college or taking steroids in high school sports or bankers cheating investors isn't only by "minorities". It happens every day by every possible skin color - including yours.

  • whatswrongwiththisplace May 4, 2012

    Folks...take a long look at is the same policy as our criminals have in this so called great state. People go to jail these days and are released because they deserve a second chance...and what do the majority of them do with that second chance...ding ding ding...they waste it. And then they go back to jail and behave and are let out again and the process continues. It's not the county's not North's the USA. People aren't scared of anything in this country. It needs to start at the top. When people in this country have a little fear of breaking a rule then things might begin to change. There is such a thing as being too nice.

  • 6869735 May 4, 2012

    I've said it all along and I'll say it again, there's something just not right about this guy! I can't put my finger on it, but wait and see. Does anyone else get this bad, gut feeling?

  • 426X3 May 4, 2012

    Make them check thier cell phones/ipods/whatever at the door especially when test days arrive. That is what I used to do when I taught high school. Sure the little darlings will argue with you but even with all the garbage teachers have to put up with from administrators and parents, it is the teacher that ultimately gives the grade. And yes I agree. "F" on the test. No re-take.