Peace to lower tuition

Posted November 30, 2011

— As it opens its doors to male students, William Peace University is bucking the trend of tuition increases and announced Monday that it plans to lower tuition for 2012-13.

Formerly known as Peace College, the university says tuition will drop by 7.73 percent, to $23,700 for the year. The cost of room and board will go up by $120, to $9,000.

"We recognize that students and families are struggling to pay higher education costs, and our primary motive is to do what we can to help students in this down economy afford tuition at a private university and obtain the best education possible despite economic conditions," President Debra Townsley wrote in a letter to students and parents.

A number of area universities have approved hefty tuition increases for next year. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University are also seeking approval for multi-year tuition increases in addition to their annual increase.

Peace trustees in July approved ending more than a century of tradition at the women's college by admitting male students in 2012-13. Officials said the move was needed to make the school more competitive and financially stable.


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  • kimberly.jeans Nov 30, 2011

    Where would your teachers come from if you get rid of liberal arts education? Where would your musicians come from? Do you suggest that everyone in the world go into business and science? You do realize that the business sector cut just as many jobs in the recession and economic turn-down as anyone else, right? Answer me this. Do you watch television, read magazines, read books, or go to the movies? Without English majors, you wouldn't be able to have quality entertainment. Give us a little bit of credit.

  • jcrew1979 Nov 30, 2011

    Books should be free with that kind of tuition. I went to Peace and I remember my books were $1000 my first semester. Thank God that was 14 years ago and with my scholarship money I went to Peace cheaper that I could have State or ECU. Too bad those days are gone.

  • BigUNCFan Nov 30, 2011

    Colleges like this are in bed with the college student loan industry which inflates prices greatly.

    If there were no student loan companies, this college would fold tomorrow.

    Sometimes it is better to not have student loans and not get to go to college than to go and get a degree with no economic value that puts you in debt for decades.

  • BigUNCFan Nov 30, 2011

    Mike H.

    You probably have been out for a while if you make over 2x 40K and so have your friends and have built up experience and getting in when you started with an English degree was probably not a big deal then.

    Now if you are a recent English grad, you are at a disadvantage b/c companies want skills right out the door. They don't want to train anymore.

    If you get a good job with an English major now, it is in spite of it, not because of it. Most likely it is a family situation where you have a job waiting or your dad knows someone, etc.

    You may be right about you making more than a hard sciences grad but on the whole, Pseudonym is right about the aggregate for liberal arts majors.

  • BigUNCFan Nov 30, 2011

    Pseudonym, could not have said it better myself about the living in a tent stuff with an iPhone with a data plan.

    Also, you can get a masters and bachelors and NCSU or UNC for about 1 to 2 years tuition at Peace. You could probably do it for 1 year's tuition if you lived at home and went to community college the first 2 years.

  • Bill of Rights Nov 30, 2011

    Pseudonym: an English degree can be worth a *lot* more than $40K per year. I make over twice that with my English degree (and not coincidentally, I make more than some of my friends with "hard science" degrees make). And I'm hardly unique ...

  • Pseudonym Nov 30, 2011

    Quote from JAT: "HolyMoly - $23,000 a year!!!! Where do people get that kind of money?"

    They don't just "get" it. They borrow it. Then they study English for 4 years, graduate, can't find a job that pays more than $8/hr, work 4 jobs part time, have no health insurance, can't pay their Sallie Mae payments and yet have money for an iPhone and the resulting data plan, and wind up living in a tent in Zuccotti Park protesting against people who made better educational and financial decisions than they did.

  • Pseudonym Nov 30, 2011

    Quote from hollygolitely817: "Pseudonym, are you telling me that a liberal arts or English major is not a "decent" major?"

    That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. Going $150,000 in debt to get a degree that will pay you a maximum of $40,000 a year is stupid. This is exactly what many OWS protesters are protesting. I WANT the financial aid industry to at least reform, because right now they are taking advantage of kids who have been lied to about the value of a college education.

  • JAT Nov 30, 2011

    HolyMoly - $23,000 a year!!!! Where do people get that kind of money?

  • kimberly.jeans Nov 30, 2011

    Jennmartin82, no I'm not complaining that it's cheaper for incoming students. I'm worried about the current students whose financial aid will be negatively affected. How are students supposed to afford to go to school if their scholarships are cut? I loved every second of my time at Peace, and I was there on both need-based aid and merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are going to be lost under this new system. If I were to enroll now, I would not be able to afford to go. That's a shame.

    And as far as checking out those topics you mentioned...I have. Extensively. I am currently unemployed, trying to find my own healthcare. Please don't make snap judgements about people like that, especially about your fellow sisters.