Durham school only Triangle school to graduate 100 percent

Posted October 11, 2011

— Durham's Hillside New Tech High School, the only high school in the Triangle to achieve a 100 percent graduation rate last year, was among schools and school systems honored Tuesday by state leaders.

The data reflects students who began high school in fall 2007 and graduated within four years. The statewide average for the Class of 2011 was 77.9 percent.

Union County Public Schools did the best among large school districts of more than 2,000 students, with a graduation rate of 89 percent last year. Catawba County Schools took honors for medium-sized districts, with an 86 percent graduation rate. Districts with fewer than 1,000 students were led by Elkin City Schools, where 92 percent graduated. 

From the Triangle, only the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools system ranked in the top 10, graduating 88.3 percent.

Wake County's Green Hope High School and Panther Creek High School ranked among the best of the largest individual schools. Green Hope High graduated 95.2 percent, and Panther Creek High 93.4 percent of students in four years.


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  • MaryG Oct 14, 2011

    Very proud of Hillside New Tech! Way to go you guys, don't let them confuse you guys with regular hillside!

  • hankpayton Oct 13, 2011

    Man, after 10 years with all the developments in education and advancements in RTP, people still can't give credit to Hillside. New Tech is a school located at 3727 Fayetteville Street Durham NC 27707. HHS is a school located at 3727 Fayetteville Street Durham NC 27707. Coincidence... NO!

    New Tech is largely a program that helps to advance the educational pursuits of young people interested in the field of engineering.. and YES, Hillside is part of the name. Like it, love it, or leave it.. HHS '92

  • scottiescarborough Oct 13, 2011

    Congrats to HHS and Durham Public Schools, instead of hating and doubting the efforts of our educators, try working with them to help mold the future of our country....and contrary to some, all private schools don't graduate 100% and if they do, those diplomas are "bought"...a higher income doesn't equal higher intelligence, i.e. Charlie Sheen!

  • taylor81 Oct 13, 2011

    "let's see 100 students in the class verses 600 at green hope...this article is so biased. now compare how many went on to college. that's an important stat." - ProzacDispenser

    After looking at the diversity breakdown for Green Hope, I'm more than willing to suggest that GHHS could learn a few things from Hillside Tech. Currently, Green Hope is successfully graduating under 70% of their African American students? Seems like one of the biggest issues with a lack of diversity is that some groups can slip between the cracks. With the 68% graduation rate of African American students at GHHS (25 students), that means their graduating class only had 36 or so students in this group. Definitely make GHHS a uniquely homogenous school in Wake County. I would wonder if having a larger group of minority students might encourage Green Hope to reach all levels of student more effectively (if it meant that lower success rates in those groups would have a big effect on their statistics).

  • hugkiss09 Oct 11, 2011

    Once again Hillside High School and Hillside NEW TECH High School are 2 different schools check out dps website...they are in separate parts of the bldg and have different principals. I'm proud of Hillside NEW TECH my brother was apart of this 100% and about 98% of them have gone on to colleges/universities. So stop hating on them and congratulate our young people for doing something with their lives!!!

  • CaliKid Oct 11, 2011

    let's see 100 students in the class verses 600 at green hope...this article is so biased. now compare how many went on to college. that's an important stat. - ProzacDispenser

    Try 500 at Green Hope and 575 at Panther Creek based on the DPI data.

  • CaliKid Oct 11, 2011

    Interesting comparison of some specific numbers on the two Wake Co. schools that were at the top of schools with 500+ graduates: Panther Creek 575 grads and Green Hope 500 grads. Then look closer at other specific data. Despite being just 2 miles apart on Hwy. 55, these schools have demographic differences. Assignment issues?,P7_SCHOOL_CODE,P7_SCHOOL_NAME:920%2C920526%2CPanther%20Creek%20High AND,P7_SCHOOL_CODE,P7_SCHOOL_NAME:920%2C920441%2CGreen%20Hope%20High.

  • kimberlyjohnson29 Oct 11, 2011

    It really concerns me that some people find it hard to compliment a school on its merited achievement. Hillside New Tech is a school that is located on the campus of Hillside High. The article is not about Hillside High School. However, please don't be fooled by the negative things that you hear in the news about this wonderful school. It does have its problems, not unlike any other school. Hillside High has graduated numerous students that have evolved into some of the professionals that you encounter on a daily basis. The students from this school go on to be successful in universities and colleges across the country such as NCCU and Harvard. I am not a Hornet, but am a product of Durham Public Schools and hold both a bachelors and advanced degree from two HBCU's (Shaw U. and NCCU). Please stop talking negatively about "our" children and redirect that energy into helping those schools that you know that are in need. I would like to add that HBCU's like NCCU create outstanding leader

  • cappy3 Oct 11, 2011

    It's a small school within the same Hillside campus with less than 100 students in each class. These students did a great job, it's not their fault that WRAL decided to recognize them with a headline that implies that this school's graduating percentage is comparable to traditional high schools in the area. Sensationalism as usual.

  • issymayake Oct 11, 2011

    Is this school like NCCU where the GPA doesn't have to be as high? Something is strange here. 100% Really? Really?? no more hope or change

    obviously you know nothing about NCCU!!

    Yeah we can start with the fact that NCCU is a university and not a high school. That's like comparing apples to celery stalks.