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New York City mayor to speak at UNC spring commencement

Posted September 26, 2011

N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg

— New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will deliver the spring commencement address at the University of North Carolina in May. 

Chancellor Holden Thorp, who will preside over the May 13 ceremony at Kenan Stadium, chose Bloomberg in consultation with the university's commencement speaker selection committee, a group made up of students and faculty. 

"Mayor Bloomberg has had an extraordinary career in business, philanthropy and public service," Thorp said in a statement Monday. "We're honored that Mayor Bloomberg accepted our invitation to speak. He will help make Commencement very special for our graduates and their families and friends."

Bloomberg was first elected mayor of New York City in 2001, just two months after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, a time when many believed that crime would return, businesses would flee and New York might never recover. Instead, through hundreds of innovative new policies and initiatives, Bloomberg is credited with making New York City safer, stronger, and greener than ever.

Bloomberg will also receive an honorary doctor of laws degree at the commencement ceremonies in May.


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  • h3ardita11b4 Sep 27, 2011

    Not for nothing but do you any of you think he cares about what you think of him? Like it or not, after he leaves, you'll STILL be pathetic and BROKE. The MAYOR - not so much! Your comments won't make or break the man. Show some gratitude. Not only is he CHOSEN to grace the state but he's giving you something to talk about. Ciao...

  • h3ardita11b4 Sep 27, 2011

    I love me some Mayor Mike B.! WOO HOO!!!

  • bubbaOK Sep 27, 2011

    LOOK, like it or not:
    Yankees retire down south, they extend a hand into our lives, put us on the defensive.
    He did nothing no one else wasn't busy at. Using funds to promote one candidacy isn't buying office; Blajoivich was selling office. Somehow bribing- buying an office.
    Don't impuse ur silly stupid red-neck protocols and expect to win. Shut up cry babies. Winning IS winning. Thx for running the world's most impossible city.
    Look did we BEG for 9/11, they made it appear so.

  • archmaker Sep 26, 2011

    i'm glad i don't see things the way some of you do. everything is either this or that - what's wrong with the middle. its the people in the middle that make things actually work in this country - not the extremes.

    i like a politician who is conservative about some things and liberal about others. you may call it unprincipled, but politicians who "stick to their priciples" are usually hypocrits who don't see why their stance on one issue flys in the face of the principle of another issue.

    some people might see using your own money as buying a government seat - others would say that they weren't "bought" by corporate interests...which is worse?

  • bowslinger70 Sep 26, 2011

    Why does all the Trash come to North Carolina ? I wouldn't want any of my kids hearing a word he had to say.

  • perfectionlgs Sep 26, 2011

    Conservative or Liberal the Mayor is by passing several colleges to come speak at a commencement ceremony in May that's in Chapel Hill, NC. What the Mayor should do is pass on that opportunity and speak at a college in a state that he represents. I'm sure the college graduates in NYC would like a memorable ceremony also.

  • rargos Sep 26, 2011

    Bloomberg spent $102 MILLION of his OWN MONEY to win the last mayorial election in New York. The previous two elections he won by spending $85 MILLION and $74 MILLION, again of his OWN MONEY.


    What kind of example is that to students? If I had $250 million dollars of my own fortune to spend, I certainly wouldn't use it to buy a political office. And guess how Bloomberg got that fortune? By being one of those Wall Street barons who make billions (literally) by taking advantage of investors.

    Conservative? He supports gay marriage, gun control, abortion, etc. He also publically endorsed Obama's policies many times. Should be very popular at UNC ...

  • bfortyme Sep 26, 2011

    What's your definition of Conservative and Liberal?

  • jdlewis76 Sep 26, 2011

    Bloomberg is not a conservative. There are plenty of liberal Republicans and Independents, just as there are some conservative Democrats.

  • bfortyme Sep 26, 2011

    Bloomberg is not a conservative! I wonder who was the 1st choice?