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New Walmart Savings Catcher price match program now includes produce!

Posted August 5, 2014



The new Walmart Savings Catcher price match program that just rolled out to Walmart shoppers throughout the nation, now includes produce and select general merchandise! For all the Walmart shoppers out there, this has the potential to save you a bunch of money! 

This looks like a great new savings option for those of you who use Walmart for a lot of your shopping. If you shop at other stores like Kroger and Food Lion, who don't double coupons, you may find this price match program allows you to cut out multiple trips to various stores, while still getting the best area sale prices. Even if you already price match at the register, this can save you money by catching any prices you didn't realize were lower at another store.

How It Works:

If a local competitor offers a lower advertised price on an item you purchased at Walmart, the Savings Catcher program allows you to get back the difference on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card. You basically get a rebate for the price match.

To get the price match rebate, you must submit your receipt to the Savings Catcher.  There are 3 ways to submit receipts:

1. Enter the receipt number at   You will need to sign in using your Walmart account information or sign up for a account. The receipt number (TC number) is located near the bottom of your Walmart store receipt.

2. Scan the code at the bottom of your store receipt with the scanner found in the Savings Catcher section of the Walmart app.

3. Register your phone number through the Walmart app or debit card reader located at in-store checkout. Every time you check out at a Walmart store, enter your phone number and Walmart will submit your receipt to Savings Catcher for you.

Once you submit your receipt, Savings Catcher compares the prices of the products you bought at Walmart to the sale prices found in the competitor ads for your area. The ads must be valid at the time you made your Walmart purchase.

If Savings Catcher finds an advertised lower price, you’ll get back the difference on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card! 

You will get your price match results within 72 hours of submitting your receipt.  They will send the results via email or through the Walmart app.


Additional Details:

* You can submit up to 7 receipts per week to Savings Catcher.

* You can save up to $599.99 per year with this program.

* You can use coupons at the register and still get the price match.

* The ads must be valid at the time you made your Walmart purchase and include a specific item price.

* Only applies to in-store purchases.

* Now supported in the Walmart app for both iPhone and Android. Just click on the Savings Catcher button from the home screen to submit receipts or see your results.


Items included in this program:

- Most groceries such as cereal, rice and most fruits and vegetables (but not weighed items like meat)

- Cleaning and paper products like paper towels, bleach and trash bags.

- Health and beauty items.

- Select general merchandise items. The number of general merchandise items compared will continue to expand over the coming months.



There are a number of items that are not included in the Savings Catcher program including items that require a separate purchase to get the advertised price, BOGO sales where no price is listed, percent off prices (like 30% off an item), going out of business or closeout prices, online purchases,

Also excluded are store brands, deli, bakery and weighed items like meat, electronics, media and gaming, toys, sporting goods, housewares, small appliances, home décor, bedding, books and magazines, apparel and shoes, jewelry, furniture, office supplies and seasonal products, tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical and photo products and services, or products that require a service agreement such as wireless, automotive or financial products.

For more information about this program, head to the FAQ section at


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  • abeachbum Aug 7, 2014

    RealStory ~ The 3 or 10 cents discounts works at the Walmart Express in my small town. I very rarely go to a Murphy, which is about 15 minutes from my house so I don't know how that works.

  • wral suks bauls Aug 7, 2014

    @abeachbum... if I understood correctly, the 3 or 10 cents off doesn't apply at the 'murphy express' locations... only at the 'murphy usa' gas stations. You can still use the gift card to pay for the gas, but it doesn't take off the money. I found this out the hard way during the last 10cents off/gal promo after putting money on a gift cart and going to a express location.

    Seems any new gas stations they build are always the 'express' ones

  • abeachbum Aug 6, 2014

    nakabi ~ Basically, the email just stated that they found lower prices on some of my items and will give me the difference. It gives me an option of viewing my receipt to see what items and where it could have been purchased for a lower price. I like this program because I get my gas at a Walmart Express and save either 3 or 10 cents per gallon with a WM gift card. So, I will save twice when I use the Savings Catcher program!

  • wral suks bauls Aug 6, 2014

    Interesting. As I've said before, I try REALLY hard to do as little shopping as possible at WM, especially after how the customer service is. That 'deal getter' in me keeps me coming to just grab a few select items every once and a while though.

    I will say - I submitted a receipt that had $87 worth of stuff.. got back $1.24. I find it hard to believe that's all the cheaper items. It seems it goes by the 'code' of the products you bought.

    I'm curious how this will turn out. There is some things about this program that seem VERY easy to abuse. In theory it's a good idea - just have to see how many people use it and how legit it finds savings for you.

  • observant Aug 5, 2014

    I can not find out exactly what stores will be compared or the distance a store has to be for it to be included in the "catch" .
    You might find more particulars for your area when you register .
    Here is the link - FAQs answered many of my questions :

  • nakabi Aug 5, 2014

    abeachbum-what did the email say? I'm in TN and would love to know what stores they are matching. I hate shopping there, but it's good info to know lol

  • liskm Aug 5, 2014

    Ewe, other than a few prepackaged items, I find Wally produce to be pretty icky just saying.

  • abeachbum Aug 5, 2014

    clinton28328 ~ On the email I received from them, it said that they compared prices with 9 different competitors. They found lower prices at Food Lion, Walgreens & Dollar General.

  • clinton28328 Aug 5, 2014

    I'm curious to know which stores it will compare prices with. Walmart is the only department store within a 30 minute drive.

  • willishelley Aug 5, 2014

    will not shop at walmart. their service is terrible.
    My mobile number is the old phone number for a district manager for walmart here in the triangle.
    I get so many calls complaining on most all walmarts in the triangle.