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New Raleigh yoga studio dedicated to kids classes, camps, parties, more

Posted September 10

Jen Bluestone and Jen Davis have opened the yoga studio in downtown Raleigh. It offers programs for babies to teenagers.

Jen Bluestone and Jen Davis are living out a dream. Together, the two have opened Little Guru Kids Yoga, a yoga studio for babies to teenagers that recently opened at 215 Glenwood Ave. in downtown Raleigh.

Bluestone is the mom of two and stepmom of two, all between the ages of 11 to 14. She's taught yoga to kids for more than a decade and to adults for about seven years.

"I love the balance of teaching all ages of people, as each and every person I teach has something to teach me," she tells me.

Davis has three kids ages 13 to 20 and has been teaching yoga and art to children and adults for nearly 10 years.

"I truly believe that everyone has creative offerings to put out into the world," she tells me. All of my students are a gift to me as they allow me to offer the amazing practice of yoga and connect those teachings to the creative process."

Little Guru offers classes for parents and their babies, parents and their toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten to second graders, third graders to fifth graders, middle schoolers and high school students, along with a family yoga program. Birthday party packages are offered, along with camps, retreats and workshops.

I checked in with them to learn more about their student, how yoga can help kids and what their plans are. Here's a Q&A:

Go Ask Mom: Why open a yoga studio for kids?

Jen & Jen: Yoga is something that has changed both of our lives and enriched who we are as humans in ways that we never knew possible. Giving this amazing gift to children is something that is very authentic to our hearts. And, finally having a space made for just kids, for their energy and to meet them where they are in their growing up has been a dream of ours for a very long time. 

GAM: How is a yoga class for kids different from a traditional yoga class?

J&J: It is very, very different! As we mentioned above, we meet kids where they are. With the younger kids, we will moo in cow pose and wag our tail in downdog, read books, sing songs, play games, use art to create mindfulness and presence.

As the kids get older, we follow their lead by adding more age appropriate poses, breathing techniques and beginning meditation.

And we always, always, always give them the space to be KIDS! To have fun and be themselves and not worried about how it looks in the age of selfies and number of likes on social media. We give them a chance to look at each other eye to eye and connect with one another and give them the opportunity to see that we are all one.  

GAM: How can kids benefit from yoga?

J&J: Oh, so many ways! From building strength, flexibility, improving posture, coordination and balance to improving sleep, building self-confidence, connection with self and others to decreasing anxiety and depression, increasing coping skills, confidence, and cooperation. The list really goes on and on, as it does for adults. Yoga is truly for all.

GAM: I was thrilled to see that you'll have programs for tweens and teens, who are so stressed out these days. How can they benefit from yoga?

J&J: This is the demographic that needs the most support during these wired, stressful times.

As mentioned above, yoga can give them a toolbox to pull from when coping with stress, anxiety, depression, peer pressure, self-confidence and also gives them a better understanding that they are not alone - that we are all the same and have many of the same struggles and issues.

Yoga also give this age group the opportunity to rest their bodies. This age group really benefits from restorative poses at the end of class!

GAM: What's your hope for the Little Gurus?

J&J: To reach out and hand the gift of yoga to as many kids as we can. The word guru means "remover of darkness." That is how we come into the world - as a bright, shining light. That is what kids bring to us. And when that light starts to get dim, yoga can help turn it back up and out!

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