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New Raleigh police chief to focus on juvenile crime

Posted February 1, 2013

Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown

— Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said Friday that battling an increase in juvenile crime is one of the major challenges the Raleigh Police Department faces.

Four teens were charged in December with beating a man to death with a rock and dumping his body along the Capital Area Greenway. In August, two teen brothers were charged with shooting a 16-year-old to death on his way home from Millbrook High School.

Deck-Brown, who was named police chief Thursday after heading the department on an interim basis since former Chief Harry Dolan retired in October, said she hopes to strengthen the department's relationship with local youth and family services programs to stem juvenile crime.

"How do we provide other alternatives so the way of life is other than crime?" she said. "There are thousands of kids we are involved with on a daily basis, and those kids never see the criminal justice system."

The soft-spoken 49-year-old is the first black woman to lead the Raleigh Police Department. She said she understands the role she plays and the example she must set.

"There are moments you need to be the leader in front and moments you need to walk alongside your people," she said.

Having held the interim title for four months – and having watched her brother-in-law, Mitch Brown, serve as Raleigh police chief from 1994 to 2000 – Deck-Brown said she has a realistic view of the chief's job and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown Web only: Raleigh police chief discusses new job

"This is a great department," she said. "One of the greatest qualities we possess is our people."

Deck-Brown knows the force of 800 sworn officers and civilians well, having risen through the ranks during her 25-year career, including stints leading its Administrative Services Division and Internal Affairs Unit.

A few days before she was named chief, the Raleigh Police Protective Association, which represents nearly 600 police officers, endorsed her for the job.

Working smart and efficiently will be crucial as the police department tries to serve a growing city, she said, adding that she plans to tweak policies and programs over time.

"The Raleigh Police Department is a great place to work. It’s not broken," she said. "It’s my goal to empower the Raleigh Police Department to be the best it can be."


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  • joeBob Feb 4, 2013

    At least this chief did not come from NYPD looking for a place to retire. She talks the talk, now walk the walk and show us something.

  • Terkel Feb 4, 2013

    The CoP can't do anything about sentencing, but she can show that she won't allow bigotry to influence her as she carries out her role. I hope she tells the NAACP to shove it the next time they come whining about the disenfranchised. That should get the attention of the gangbanger fraction or as they say, "send a message".

  • NotUrTypicalAmerican Feb 4, 2013

    In downtown Raleigh, it was 11:48 pm and I saw kids no older than 16 skateboarding on the sidewalks. She should start there. Where are these kids parents anyway in that they allow their kids to be out that late at night? And around adults clubs, no less?

  • Scubagirl Feb 4, 2013

    congratulations to her for becoming Chief. I am not sure what exactly she plans to do about juvenile crime but one thing that needs to be done is to NOT BE SO SOFT on juveniles who commit these crimes. Many deserve to be locked up for life and when they are not they do it again....

  • LocalYokel Feb 4, 2013

    Juvinile crime?! Is the PD going to come into Raleigh homes and help raise children with qualities such as respect, delayed gratification, patience, and self control? This is not the PD's job. We need PD to enforce laws not babysit.

    If Deck-Brown thinks juvenile crime is the biggest challenge facing Raleigh's law enforcement then she is out of touch. Deck-Brown must not drive in Raleigh or be interested in protecting and serving the citizens of Raleigh if she sees juvinile crime as a focus over more important issues that affect more citizens of Raleigh.

    While juveniles may have killed a man in August, there were multiple wrecks during the same month. In just one of those August wrecks two DWI drivers killed Marvin Gerome and injured five others.

    In December teens may have killed another teen but there were multiple wrecks during the same month. In just one of those wrecks, a veteran fire fighter Lt. Harry P. Flip Kissinger IV was killed by a bad driver

  • Tug Boat II Feb 1, 2013

    Congratulations Chief Deck-Brown, I hope you can make a difference in young adults. Gangs are out of control and we need someone willing to make tough decisions. My prayer and support to you.

  • stormtrooper76 Feb 1, 2013

    Congrats Chief Brown! You are more than qualified and it's refreshing to see that you've earned this promotion by working your way up the ranks within the department.

    Kudos to Raleigh for NOT hiring a rent-a-chief that skips around from department to department after they screw it up!

    Other police agencies need to follow suit.

  • NCHighlander Feb 1, 2013

    Congratulations Chief. Your officers support you and that's something this department has not had for a long time.

  • working for deadbeats Feb 1, 2013

    Lock up juveniles the same way we do with adults. Does nobody else see that society as a whole is soft on crime and criminals know it?

  • disgusted2010 Feb 1, 2013

    I am confused. If juvenile crime is crime committed by juveniles then what is gun crime, crimes committed by guns?