New greenway trail open in Cary

Posted January 8, 2013

— A paved walking trail and pedestrian bridges are part of a $3.7 million greenway project that has reopened in Cary.

Officials said Tuesday they have completed the extension of the Higgins Greenway after it was closed for nearly two years. The extension stretches from the 700 block of Southwest Maynard Road to 905 W. Chatham St.

The addition of the greenway completes 67 miles of trails in Cary, said Michael Baubin, environmental specialist with Cary's engineering department.

"Completing this project increases the area’s natural and recreational value to residents and is a model of success for restoration of a previously impaired ecosystem,” he said in a statement.

The project included stream restoration of a Swift Creek tributary and the installation of 13 constructed wetlands and planting over 8,000 plants.

Babuin said the goal was to restore the natural environment and remove unwanted pollutants from the ecosystem.

About $440,000 for the project came from a grant from the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program, a program created to help the environment in urbanized residential areas.


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  • Good Bye WRAL Jan 14, 2013

    If you feel you have to swerve into oncoming traffic, then you don't know the rules of the road. If you cannot pass a bicycle safely, you must slow down and wait until it is safe to do so. I get tired of drivers coming the other way and assuming they can cross into my lane to avoid an obstacle in Their lane. You cannot do that. Learn the rules and share the road.

  • Red Green Jan 10, 2013

    “if you want to move to a tag system then i'll be glad to share the road with you.”

    SO sorry ProzacDispenser but sharing the road is not your choice, it’s the law. So if you don’t want to share the road I’ll be glad to take your tag number and let law enforcement deal with it. Make contact with my bike or me and I’ll let a lawyer handle it. Your choice :)

  • Red Green Jan 10, 2013

    “I'll be derned if I have to swerve into on coming traffic and risk a head on with a truck so you can ride in the middle of my lane. I pay taxes too and your little bike is a nuisance on the road.” Jimm57

    First, if you have to swerve into oncoming traffic than it is far more likely that you’re driving skills are a little erratic and you’re probably driving too fast for the conditions. So who’s the problem?

    Second is this narcissistic attitude that they are your roads. The roads are not yours alone, they are designed to be passageways for vehicles, all vehicles.

    Third, which is the nuisance, the bike or the car? That depends on which you are operating at the time. I’m sure no one told you that life would be without small nuisances, deal with it. Most rational adults comprehend that the roads are to be shared by all and for someone to get frustrated by bike traffic shows that they probably have more serious issues than cyclists.

  • ljwhitmire Jan 9, 2013

    The title is incorrect, Cary opens what USED to be the last GREENway in Cary. I've lived around this greenway for 15 years and it was a great, natural trail, with a winding creek, teaming with wild life and a haven from the heat in the summer.

    Now it's a paved park, devoid of most kinds of flora and fauna, very few trees. I imagine August is just going to be lovely! All this at a costs of $3.7M? Everybody liked it the way it was. What a waste of money.

    At least now there man-made mosquito ponds built right in. They ran off all of the dragonflies so the poor mosquitos can finally make it!

    People are treating it like a park. Cars are starting to park on the walkway leading into the park from W. Chatham. They should have
    just gone ahead and built a parking lot in the first place. What's another million to destroy more natural space?

  • LuvLivingInCary Jan 9, 2013

    sorry bike tax and it uses no gas for a bike. if you want to move to a tag system then i'll be glad to share the road with you.

  • silvfx Jan 9, 2013

    Last time I checked I pay gas and vehicle taxes on two cars which means as long as I obey the rules I can ride my bike on the road just like a vehicle.

  • beaupeep Jan 8, 2013


    Maybe it's time to move up a size in bike shorts........

  • IzzMad2016 Jan 8, 2013

    They didn't pave a "road" -- they paved a path. My husband walks our dogs on the greenways frequently. And I'd love it if the cyclists were confined to the greenways -- they are a traffic hindrance and a nuisance.

  • Red Green Jan 8, 2013

    "It facinates me that is great to put a paved road right through a protected area." veyor


  • dirkdiggler Jan 8, 2013

    You folks need to stop complaining. You complain that cyclists are out on the roads hogging up 'your' lanes, demand that cyclists stick to greenways, and now complain when there are more miles of greenway available? Get over yourselves! A 67 mile completed greenway is awesome for those who actually use them, and believe it or not, SOME of us are capable of riding that far, so the need to have houses in the immediate area is moot. Personally, I prefer the sections of the greenway that are outside of the populate areas, because when you are on a section that goes behind a neighborhood, you get the same cruddy treatment from the walkers/stroller pushers who think they somehow have more of a right to use the greenway as you do from drivers who think they have more of a right to the road. How dare cyclists ride their bikes anywhere, right? /end rant