New Dem PAC ad targets Tillis

Posted December 5, 2013

— It's probably not the primary endorsement state House Speaker Thom Tillis was looking for.

Democratic super PAC Senate Majority has made a second large ad buy on behalf of incumbent U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, who's facing what's likely to be a tough re-election fight in 2014, and it seems to be making a bet on who her Republican challenger will be.

While the PAC's first spot for Hagan last month didn't mention an opponent, the new one calls out Tillis by name. 

After praising Hagan for supporting facets of the Affordable Care Act – the ad never mentions the law by name – it pivots quickly to attack.

"I’ve read that Speaker Thom Tillis sides with insurance companies," the actors say. "He’d let insurance companies deny coverage if I get sick. Thom Tillis, what about us?" 

Senate Majority spokesman Ty Matsdorf confirmed to WRAL News that the group is spending around $750,000 for a two-week ad buy across the state. 

When asked why they're going after Tillis, Matsdorf replied, "Because he has been the most brazen about attacking Medicare, and North Carolina voters deserve to know where he stands."

Tillis, an outspoken opponent of the Affordable Care Act,  is considered the current front-runner in the five-way GOP primary. He has the support of establishment Republicans like master strategist Karl Rove, who headlined three North Carolina fundraisers in November for Tillis' Senate run.

However, the primary is still five months away, and Rev. Mark Harris of Charlotte appears to be gaining some momentum among the state's more conservative Republican voters.

Tillis is already using the new ad to raise money. He.tweeted Thursday afternoon that "It is a badge of honor to be attacked by Harry Reid," the Senate majority leader.

In a fundraising email Thursday, Tillis called North Carolina "ground zero in the effort to get rid of the liberal Reid majority that is keeping Obamacare in place and keeping our country on a path to fiscal disaster."

"I need your help to fight back and am counting on your support of $35 or more today," Tillis added in the email. 

Tillis and the rest of the Republican slate have already received a great deal of help from conservative PAC Americans for Prosperity. 

With the general election still almost a year away, AFP has already spent a whopping $3.2 million on ad buys attacking Hagan.

In comparison, the latest buy by Senate Majority PAC brings the outside spending on Hagan's behalf to $1.15 million.


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  • wildpig777 Dec 10, 2013

    please don't use the name tillus in the same sentence as you say jesse helms. the2 are totally incompatible. jesse was one of the finest most dignified and honorable politicans ever to come out of nc.

    further-- he had INTEGRITY. a quality neither party processes today.

  • Danny22 Dec 9, 2013

    Dirty Harry's PAC has already spent more than a million dollars on Kay Hagan's campaign. He's wasting his money bc there is no way NC will vote for that Obama rubber stamp again.

  • jackjones2nc Dec 9, 2013

    With all the ALEC legislation Tillis pushed onto NC so far, there's obviously an ALEC agenda being imported.

  • downtowner Dec 9, 2013

    I would love to hear more about Tillis' ALEC agenda for NC.

  • notexactly Dec 9, 2013


    But you will still vote for the dems no matter how crooked they are were and the lies they tell. But since they are dems that makes it OK? What was your problem with Jesse Helms, that you didn't seem to have a problem with M. sleesly or bev??
    I would think the last dems caught up in scandles and corruption going all the way back To jim black and the likes would have embarrassed you more than enough to stop voting for the dems. Yet I am sure if Bill could run again you would no doubt vote for him. Don't you think it is sad that the last dem prez, except carter had affairs while in office?? Carter didn't but was a terrible prez just the same. It is funny because you guys don't look at that when you cast your vote. You praise them for it. That is really sad to think of.IMHO

  • jackjones2nc Dec 9, 2013

    Perhaps Thom Tillis can tell us more about his ALEC agenda for North Carolina citizens?

  • tracmister Dec 8, 2013

    The Republicans could have had the White House had they chosen someone that wasn't that controversial. The same goes for the Senate Seat. There is on way I could ever vote for Tillis. I hope in the primary that he is soundly beaten so the voters can have a real choice.

  • gswalker51 Dec 6, 2013

    You know you hit a nerve with liberals when they pull the Jesse Helms card. BTW - he's been dead for about 5-6 years so either start getting Democrats into office who aren't pathetic collective socialists or watch your party completely erode.

  • goldenosprey Dec 6, 2013

    "I didn't think anyone could be more of an embarrassment to NC than Elizabeth Dole or John Edwards but Hagan..." gswalker

    If you're not embarrassed by Virginia Foxx, NC's answer to Louie Gohmert, you're not paying attention, although I find myself more than adequately embarrassed by Jesse Helms, his protege George Holding and Renee Ellmers. And by Mike McIntyre. Some day he'll lose and be replaced by a democrat.

  • jackjones2nc Dec 6, 2013

    Ask Thom Tillis about ALEC and other secret agendas.