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New Contaminants Found in Durham Water

Posted July 11, 2007
Updated July 12, 2007

— While Durham cleans up the lead in its water supply, tests by water officials found new contaminants in the drinking water.

Tests by Durham’s Water Management Department discovered two new types of compounds, trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, in the water supply. The compounds were present at half of the sampling sites, most of which were businesses.

Water Management workers are adjusting the city’s water treatment processes until the presence of those compounds comes down to safe levels.


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  • aquamama Jul 12, 2007

    sec: RTP gets their water from Cary. Also, their wastewater discharge would only affect Durham if it went into the water source, which it doesn't.

  • aquamama Jul 12, 2007

    68_polara: Could be. And drugs and gangs can also be attributed to the lack of social structure. And lack of education.

  • 68_polara Jul 12, 2007

    "They are suspected carcinogens. They would NOT cause the violence in the city- that's frequently caused by C, desperation, and lack of a good social structure."

    I guess that's true if "lack of a good social structure" are other words for were are the fathers? Also, don't forget the major causes of crime in Durham drugs and gangs.

  • sec Jul 12, 2007

    There's more crime in Raleigh than in Durham- look at the stats. Also, RTP is in Durham County- is the pharmacautical industry to blame for the chemicals in our water? Probably!!!

  • sec Jul 12, 2007

    Someone ought to forward this article to the State of Things on NPR.

  • aquamama Jul 12, 2007

    They are suspected carcinogens. They would NOT cause the violence in the city- that's frequently caused by fear, desperation, and lack of a good social structure.

    The water treatment process will be adjusted to remove more organic matter before disinfection. Surface water has a lot of organic matter, in contrast to groundwater, which has little to none. More organic matter will also show up after a lot of rain.

  • shine Jul 12, 2007

    CONUNDRUM....... Hey I didn't mean it critical - It is just everything you read. I actually am in Durham and Hillsborough just about every weekend. There are bad things that happen everywhere, it just seems that Durham get the front page more than others.

  • likemenow Jul 12, 2007

    go figure...chemicals in Durham.....but seriously.....look out for Jesse and Sharpton.....somebody should be filing a class-action lawsuit

  • Fenrirwulf Jul 12, 2007

    Quote: "These chemicals sound terrible."

    I agree, and they didn't even release the fact that they found a very high concentration of dihydrogenmonoxide!

  • CONUNDRUM Jul 12, 2007

    oops, sorry about that.

    FBI prelim report

    City Year Popul Actual Violent Crime

    CARY 2005 102,949 135

    2006 108,563 131

    DURHAM4 2005 205,080 1,477

    2006 208,932 1,948

    FAYETTEVILLE 2005 127,323 1,152

    2006 132,521 1,303

    GREENSBORO 2005 235,393 1,941

    2006 236,591 2,057

    RALEIGH 2005 332,084 2,050

    2006 348,345 2,230

    WINSTON-SALEM 2005 194,708 1,639

    2006 197,621 1,657