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Neighbors sue to shut down Raleigh party mansion

Posted June 18, 2013

Neighbors complain that the home at 10625 Marion Stone Way in north Raleigh is hosting raucous adult parties.

— A Superior Court judge has issued a temporary restraining order to end raucous adult parties at a north Raleigh mansion after neighbors complained.

The Radcliffe Homeowners Association filed a complaint against Claude Verbal II, Pamela Verbal and Metropolitan Lifestyle Group LLC over parties at the home, at 10625 Marion Stone Way.

The 15,224-square-foot home, which the Verbals purchased in August 2010, was billed as "The Mansion," a nightclub-type commercial enterprise during summer months, according to court records. Pamela Verbal has hosted several parties there over the past year that included drug use, liquor for sale, loud and often profane music, scantily-clad models, beefy security guards and valet parking, court records state.

Radcliffe resident Shawn MacArthur said he stopped by one party last summer, which he thought was a housewarming, only to find a $45 fee for valet parking and a cover charge to get inside.

"I'm looking at all these cars, going, 'Wow.' I mean, this is a public street, (and) they're charging people to park," MacArthur said Tuesday.

Because he was a neighbor, the cover charge was waived, he said, and inside was "like something I would imagine at the Playboy Mansion."

"It was tons of people – women in bikinis, guys in swimsuits. They're just drinking. There's people in cabanas, guys getting with girls on the cabanas. I was just shocked," he said.

Court records state hundreds of people attended the parties, which were advertised on local radio stations and online, and cars lined the two streets in the 15-lot neighborhood of million-dollar homes off Falls of Neuse Road north of Raven Ridge Road. At one party, cars also filled a vacant 2-acre lot in Radcliffe, and at least one hit-and-run has been reported, court records state.

Raleigh party mansion Neighbor: Parties at Raleigh home 'like Payboy Mansion'

"The residents of Radcliffe are terrorized by these events," the complaint states. "They cannot enjoy their homes. They fear leaving their homes unattended while these parties are taking place, but they also feel uncomfortable being outside or taking a walk in their own neighborhood."

Judge Donald Stephens issued a restraining order on May 17 to end the parties, but residents maintain in court records that Pamela Verbal hosted parties the following two nights.

"I feel like I must keep watch all the time," neighbor Wayne Cohoe stated in an affidavit. "We are afraid, and I believe we are all in danger."

"They were doing drugs and being frisked, and so that meant possible fights and weapons and things like that," MacArthur said. "I don't want that around my family."

Stephens then ruled Pamela Verbal was in contempt of court and amended his restraining order to prohibit her from having more than five guests in her home until the neighbors' request for an injunction can be heard.

Pamela Verbal declined to comment on the dispute Tuesday, but her lawyer called it racially motivated.

"There are no lavish parties going on here," attorney Tiffany Russell said. "What's really going on is you have three neighbors in a four-house neighborhood who are mad that this one young black female is living in this house."

Russell denied the allegations of liquor for sale, cover charges and valet parking charges. She said no more than 40 to 50 people attended any party, which she described as "social gatherings."

The Verbals owe more than $8,100 in delinquent property taxes on the home, according to Wake County tax records, and they have it listed for sale at $2.95 million.


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  • glarg Jun 20, 2013

    What scummy, no-class low lifes. They should leave the neighbors and the neighborhood alone and move onto their next scam.

  • DjConfidential Jun 20, 2013

    DJ, according to the pics of parties posted on LazyDay.com, the guests were mixed white/black. In fact, the pics looked like more white. How would an "MTV" crowd been different?

    The issue is running a business illegally, disturbing neighbors, and breaking the HOA covenants. Why is the "race card" even relevant? -publicassistance
    publicassistance, the photos posted on lazyday.com do include pictures of mixed crowds and a "MTV" style crowd yes. If you look closer you might also notice that two of the neighbors complaining have attended and been photographed pool side with Ms. Verbal. This in itself makes their complaint void. I'd also point out that lazyday.com appeals more to that crowd. If you visit citinites.com you might see a "darker" demographic, specifically the parties that have been the cause of the complaints in question. Including the flyers that have been posted as a part of this story. The parties were illegal either way. Agreed.

  • DjConfidential Jun 20, 2013

    monami I'm not missing the point. I never said that operating a "business" like this was right or that it was done in the appropriate place. As I stated before, had this property been on 20 acres away from residential areas then this may not have been an issue in the first place. Yes, the appropriate permits (sound/alcohol) are always mandatory to operate a business like this. I also agree that demographic should be irrelevant in any case like this but it seems to be the ONLY issue the press and the neighbors seem to be touching on.

  • Umustbejoking Jun 20, 2013

    BTW if it is a nightclub built in 2011, it has to have fire sprinklerls and properly designed exits.

  • IPayYouPay Jun 20, 2013

    This is about being a good neighbor - which some people don't know how to do. Ms. Verbal needs to understand that civilized people respect others. Obviously, she don't.

    This has nothing to do with race. Get over yourself, diva.

  • Umustbejoking Jun 20, 2013

    Paid for with money stolen from the government through medicare fraud. Claude Verbal II has a case pending with a court date of April 2014. The IRS or the federal government will own this before it is over. and 2.9 Million.....it was bought in 2011 for 821,000 check the tax records......Somebody has become used to feeling entitled.......

  • Let-it-be-said Jun 20, 2013

    Of course, lets blame this on race. Just as usual race is being used as a crutch when theres nothing else. I guess that is a lot of house for 1 person, especially since she has a 2.8 million dollar house but cant pay the $8,000 late tax bill.

  • carolinaprincess62 Jun 20, 2013

    You know for those talking about the neighbors. It looks like in the beginning, everyone was friendly and they may have attended a party. A party is one thing, numerous parties with admission fees, parking fees, etc. is another. Google this place. Look at the pictures and videos that have been posted and then tell me this is nothing. Looks like they hired a bunch of strippers to come to these parties. Furthermore, how did a couple this young with no real legitimate income afford to buy this house or the other house they are in hock to their eye brows on? Smells fishy to me.

  • Barfly Jun 19, 2013

    The Verbal's should pack a bag and slip on out of town. They're terrible neighbors, who happen to be black.

  • rlwieland Jun 19, 2013

    Good luck to the agent who has it listed. Its overpriced and this does nothing but make it worth less.