Neighbors: Raleigh bike lanes cause confusion, congestion

Posted December 18, 2015

— Raleigh cyclists and drivers are noticing new bike lanes all over the city, but some of them say the new markings are confusing and even dangerous.

The new lines are part of the city's plan to create space for cyclists and on-street parking while keeping traffic moving smoothly.

On Glen Eden Drive, as traffic travels uphill, cyclists have a lane of their own. Where the traffic flow is downhill, bikes and cars share a lane.

Neighbors say it's too much.

"They've narrowed our lanes down on a very busy street and put two lanes on one side. I don't know what they're thinking," said Catherine Windsor.

"It's way more for the cyclists and the parkers than for the people driving down the street," said Debbie Harmon.

Eric Lamb, transportation planning manager for the city, said it's about balance. "The challenge is to meet all the community's different needs."

Lamb said the distinct uphill lane gives cyclists a little protection as they travel at their lowest speed, and it's the best solution.

"The bike lane in the uphill conditions allowed us to preserve the on-street parking and provide accommodation for cyclists," he said.

In other areas of the city, drivers complain that bike lanes add to congestion. Lamb says there will be additional work to improve traffic flow.

On Hillsborough Street, green markings are part of a test program to make it a little safer for cyclists to transition out of bike lanes and into the main travel lanes. Lamb said the city will study how people use the bike lanes to determine what works.

He also expects more bike lanes will encourage more people to use bikes.

Harmon says cars should come first.

"They need to redraw it to stay more in line with the drivers, because that's more of what we've got," she said.

The City of Raleigh is accepting public comment on its bike plan through Jan. 31. The plan outlines priorities and where and how bike lanes will be marked.


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  • Chip Dipson Dec 19, 2015
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    Where have you been all my life?


  • Scott Weaver Dec 19, 2015
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    So your solution to gas taxes not being enough to pay for the roads is to make the roads cost MORE?? Bicycles are a hazard. They should not be allowed on the roads during rush hour.

  • Aaron Whaley Dec 19, 2015
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    And yet again... do your research. Gas taxes come no where NEAR paying for the roads. When and if gas taxes rise to the level they pay 100% of the road costs THEN you will have a leg to stand on.

  • Ronnie Merritt Dec 19, 2015
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    For all of you complaining about the city making things safer for cyclists, please remember this one very simple sentence... The auto driver has a privilege to the road that can be revoked anytime where as the cyclist has a right to the road! Don't believe me? Ask any cop...

  • Scott Weaver Dec 18, 2015
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    Roads are paid for by gas taxes. Ridiculous to make them less useful for the people who pay for them so a bunch of grown men can ride around on bicycles.

  • Ronald Nunn Dec 18, 2015
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    Bicycles don't need a lane as wide, if not wider, than the lanes used by autos. Look how wide the green lane, in the picture, is for bicycles. Rediculous.

  • Kevin Weidner Dec 18, 2015
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    I just wonder when the city is going to fix the traffic signal sensors embedded in the asphalt. There are now several intersections where the sensors are no longer centered in the turn lane, causing motorist longer waits. If you're going to restripe the road and realign lanes, move the sensors as well.

  • Scott Bower Dec 18, 2015
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    Trolls. Take responsibility for...
    A. Living in the burbs not serviced by public transportation
    B. Working 30 miles from your crib
    C. Being to lazy and out of shape to get from point A to point B in anything other than your car
    D. Assuming you are so important, that billions of people around the world that ride bikes are inferior and obviously communists. And *yawn*...

    I have a german bike with internal drives embedded in the frame and hubs that get me to 30mph for 25 miles. I guess if I put a cardboard box around my bike the size of a car, and paint some tires and windows on it I can join you and running down all those country club communists and hipsters inside the beltline.

  • Aaron Whaley Dec 18, 2015
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    Guess what? Cyclists pay taxes too. And just for the record gas taxes, and other motor vehicle taxes don't come any where close to paying for roads. The rest comes from general budgets where are funded by a wide range of taxes.

  • Dana McCall Dec 18, 2015
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    For the occasional bike, they have thrown EVERY oncoming car just inches away from each other. They should have just striped Glen Eden just like Ridge. If the occasional cyclist needs to get around the occasional parked car, then they can carefully wait for a break in traffic.