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Neighbors on alert amid manhunt near Louisburg

Posted September 30, 2013

— The Franklin County Sheriff's Office was searching a wooded area near Moulton Road Monday for a man who allegedly assaulted a woman during a break-in attempt.

Authorities said they believe the suspect is armed.

"We know now that at least two houses have attempted to have been broken into today in this area," said Sheriff Jerry Jones. "We still think we have a guy in the area, so yes, I think everybody should be on alert."

Earlier Monday, deputies received a call about three men trying to break into a home north of Louisburg, Jones said. Hours later, a woman at a nearby home saw a beige car with three men inside drive on to her property.

When she approached them near a shed, two of the man sped off in the car but a third stayed behind. 

He assaulted the woman, who fired a handgun at him, Jones said. The man escaped by running into the woods. He had not been caught as of Monday night.

Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones Franklin sheriff: Assault, break-in attempts 'alarming'

James Macklin, head of the Moulton Community Watch, said neighbors are concerned for their safety.

"Until this person is caught, I'm very sure that all of the persons that live in this area are going to be concerned," he said. "They are very worried. Some of them do not even want to stay in their home alone."

Macklin said the community has been on alert ever since a rash of break-ins in the area in 2011.

Jones agreed that the crimes are "alarming" but said the sheriff's office would work hard to solve them.

"We'll continue to make this a safe place to stay," he said.


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  • Supie Oct 1, 2013

    its possible that there is no description given because they think they know who it is and don't want to give him / them more reason to hide. stupid people often assume other people are just as stupid as they are, its why crime doesn't pay... just a wild guess.

  • sunshine1040 Oct 1, 2013

    I guess nobody saw the men close enough to tell what race they might be or kind of haircuts or build are they even sure they were men and not women?

  • CaryEngineer Oct 1, 2013

    America1st...Thanks...you need to go to work for WRAL...obviously they need some help in fact gathering.

    areyououtofyourmind...Your observations are quite accurate...thanks for pointing it out to those who don't read closely.

  • puzzled Oct 1, 2013

    America1st -- Thank you for some corect info. Seems this is he worst sight in the world for people reading into an article what is definitely not there. How long did it take law enforcement to ge there if he was stil around her property and hour and a half later. Glad she had the weapon. I would probably have done the same thing that she did. Go Girl!

  • Southern Girl Oct 1, 2013

    Well, not to blame the victim, but WHY in the world would a woman walk up to a perfectly strange car? Does not make a bit of sense. She should have locked the doors and dialed 911. Makes perfect sense to me. Hope they find these people, but without a better description, how can a normal citizen know what they are looking for?

  • areyououtofyourmind Oct 1, 2013

    "Why no description of these people?"

    Because they are black and it is only appropriate to name color when the suspects are white.

    C'mon WRAL, stop being silly and post this. There is nothing hateful about my comments. Go back and audit all your stories involving crime. It is blatantly obvious that my comments are a direct reflection of your ideologies in reporting.

  • Dirty_Water Oct 1, 2013

    Why no description of these people?

  • Brian Jenkins Oct 1, 2013

    She approached the shed with three strange men there obviously up to no good!!!!!! Not a smart move in my book! Should have just called 911 lady! May have saved you an assault - sure could have been even worse - possible killed! We shouldn't try to be a hero! Sorry for what you have gone through - hope they are caught soon.
    October 1, 2013 9:24 a.m.

    Protect YOUR property. Quit waiting for someone to help you. Pitiful people. Trust me the police are minutes away when seconds count. Ill call the police to pick up the mess in my yard.

  • America1st Oct 1, 2013

    luvstoQ....please allow me to provide the actual fact. The woman did not approach the suspects. She stepped out onto her back porch to smoke a cigarette and saw them man at her brother-in-laws building. When the men saw her the vehicle fled leaving one man there. The woman saw this man run down a path towards the back side of the property. She called 911. This was approximately 3:30. At approximately 5:00 the woman was riding her gold cart when the suspect attacked her from the wood line. He had been hiding some distance from her residence. She had her handgun with her because she did not feel safe on her own property. These are the facts...I was there

  • rmsmith Oct 1, 2013

    Too bad she did not have a shotgun